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(academic, historian, researcher)
Alfred McCoy.jpg
Born8 June 1945
Interests • global drug trade
• South East Asia
• CIA/Drug trafficking
• Philippines/History
• CIA/Torture

Professor Alfred W. McCoy is a friend of Peter Dale Scott. He is an expert on the global drug trade, with a special focus on South East Asia.[1]


  • 2006 - A Question of Torture: CIA Interrogation, from the Cold War to the War on Terror
  • 2012 - Torture and Impunity - exploring the political and cultural dynamics of America’s post 9/11 debate over interrogation.[3]


A Document by Alfred McCoy

TitleDocument typePublication dateSubject(s)Description
Document:The Real American Exceptionalismessay24 February 2015US/ExceptionalismAn overview of the rights which the US has claimed for itself as the lone superpower: international laws are strictly optional, to be followed only when convenient. "There is a clear correlation between state secrecy and the rule of law — as one grows, the other surely shrinks."


A Quote by Alfred McCoy

Mind control“In late 2002, Defense Secretary Rumsfeld appointed General Geoffrey Miller to command Guantanamo with wide latitude for interrogation, making this prison an ad hoc behavioral laboratory. Moving beyond the CIA’s original attack on sensory receptors universal to all humans, Guantanamo’s interrogators stiffened the psychological assault by exploring Arab “cultural sensitivity” to sexuality, gender identity, and fear of dogs. General Miller also formed Behavioral Science Consultation teams of military psychologists who probed each detainee for individual phobias[...].”2006
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