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Mind Control aims to gain domination over the victim by making them cede their autonomy to the controlling person or group. Methods include lying, isolation, manipulation, indoctrination, electroshock, operant conditioning, coding / programming and "brainwashing".

Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your choosing.”
George Orwell (1948)  [1]

Mind control was the subject of many research projects immediately after World War II. One of the primary focuses was the extraction of information from prisoners, and another was the creation of "Manchurian Candidates" - i.e. programmed assassins who could be reliably used to carry out assassinations in a plausibly deniable fashion. The research projects are believed to be successful [2] [3] , but the extent of their success is hard to estimate since CIA Director Richard Helms ordered the destruction of all documents relating to MKUltra in 1973.


The goal of mind control is to gain total domination over the victim and to create dependency structures. To this end many techniques are used and combined, ie. isolation, manipulation, indoctrination, operant conditioning, coding / programming and "brainwashing".

“Mind Control is a system of influences which break the identity of an individual (his/her beliefs, behavior, thoughts and feelings) and replace it with a new identity”
Steve Hassan (1993)  [4]
Deutsch: Ausbruch aus dem Bann der Sekten; Reinbek, 1993; p. 25

Philip Zimbardo defined mind control as "the process by which individual or collective freedom of choice and action is compromised by agents or agencies that modify or distort perception, motivation, affect, cognition or behavioral outcomes,"[5] and he suggested that any human being is susceptible to such manipulation.[6]

“The goal and end of Mind Control is to control and bondage the victim or survivor both during abuse and ritual and during 'normal life'”
Ritualistic Abuse Consultancy,  Sydney. [7]

Techniques leading to such an effect were known for centuries by religious groups and cults. In the 19th century foster homes were built and techiques to break the will were perfected in order to keep a large number of inmates with as few personal as possible. These 'correction centers' were precursors to the Nazi concentration camps.

A survivor, Bruno Bettelheim, who has spent one year in two German concentration camps for political prisoners — Dachau and Buchenwald — reports his psychological observations:

“The aims of the concentration camp as an institution are to break the prisoners as individuals, to spread terror among the rest of the population, and to provide the Gestapo with a training ground and an experimental laboratory. [...] The typical initial reactions are feelings of detachment: 'this can't be true … things like this just don't happen'.

The first few weeks are the worst; persons who manage to live through the transportation to camp and the first three months thereafter, have a fair chance of surviving. If the tortures become too intense, indifference takes the place of anxiety. Prisoners are particularly sensitive to punishments resembling those a parent might inflict upon a child. Prisoners' dreams rarely deal with situations of extreme torture but instead with comparatively smaller maltreatment. Group formation, especially around a hero or martyr, is very effectively prohibited by means of group punishments. For only a short time do the new prisoners direct their hostility primarily against their real enemy; in many cases it is soon turned against former friends or members of the family by whom the prisoners feel deserted. Old prisoners come to direct their hostility mostly against themselves. Gradually a regression to infantile levels take place, turning many prisoners into willing tools in the hands of the Gestapo.

In the phase of 'final adjustment', the strangest phenomenon of all could be observed: the prisoners' identification with the guards. Certain prisoners even tried to imitate the guards' uniforms, became cruel to their fellow-prisoners, partly accepted Nazi ideology. The author's conclusion is: What thus happens in an extreme fashion to the prisoners in concentration camps, happens also, in a somewhat less exaggerated form, to the inhabitants of the great concentration camp called 'Greater Germany'.”
Grotjahn,  M. (1945)  [8]


Mind Control was subject to intensive research post WW2, by the CIA and similar agencies such as the ONI. Through Operation Paperclip the CIA imported Nazi doctors, whom it allowed to continue their research.

Nowadays black sites such as Guantanamo Bay or Abu Ghraib offer a similar off-the-books chance to carry out destructive research into forceful attempts to reshaping the human psyche . [9] A new goal of what President Bush jr. called a "CIA program" he wanted to "allow to go forward" [10] was to tailor mind control tactics for exploiting individual and cultural weaknesses:

“In late 2002, Defense Secretary Rumsfeld appointed General Geoffrey Miller to command Guantanamo with wide latitude for interrogation, making this prison an ad hoc behavioral laboratory. Moving beyond the CIA’s original attack on sensory receptors universal to all humans, Guantanamo’s interrogators stiffened the psychological assault by exploring Arab “cultural sensitivity” to sexuality, gender identity, and fear of dogs. General Miller also formed Behavioral Science Consultation teams of military psychologists who probed each detainee for individual phobias[...].”
Alfred W. McCoy (2006)  The History of U.S. Torture [11]


Project MKUltra was exposed by investigation in the 1970s by several congressional hearings. In 1973 the CIA Director Richard Helms ordered all MKUltra documents destroyed or at last researchers are told so. [3].

On June 25, 1992 professor of psychology and expert in hypnosis D. Corydon Hammond gave a talk entitled: Hypnosis and Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD): Ritual Abuse at the Fourth Annual Eastern Regional Conference on Abuse and Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) in Alexandria, Virginia, USA. Hammond reported that after presenting a bizarre case study at the conference on Ritual abuse in Chicago, several colleagues had come forward who had patients with similar bizarre symptoms. [12] The consistency of people’s stories about the purpose of the mind control and pain induction techniques, such as electric shock, use of hallucinogens, sensory deprivation, hypnosis, dislocation of limbs, and sexual abuse was remarkable. [13]

All over the US, Canada and Germany patients who remembered being tortured and programmed in similar settings spoke out and organized in survivor groups. [14][15][16][17]

“Basically, what we as therapists across the country are finding are a group of clients that formally were considered untreatable, that based on recent information we're finding are reporting having been subjects in mind control experimentation performed by the government, the CIA and the military establishment ... probably from about the late 1940's until middle 80's and may even be going on today.”
Valerie Wolf (March 15, 1995)  [18]

In 2000 in a masterpiece of investigative journalism, psychiatrist Collin A. Ross, has pieced together over 1500 pages of declassified CIA memos.[2].

Mind control and operation Gladio

A victim of Monarch programming, Dr. Hans Ulrich Gresch said that the primary goal of his programming was to create "sleepers" - agents used to infiltrate partisan organizations to be used as "terrorists". He suggests that victims of Mind control might be placed in stay behind armies such as Gladio. [19]

In his book [20] , he also suggests that on 9/11 Mind Control victims might have been used. They might have been recruited as children, drugged and programmed to be suicide bombers in so called Jihad academies run by Mind Control specialists posing as spiritual leaders.

Cluster effect

Only recently it is understood that studying human behavior in extreme environments may be applied to less extreme environments and societies at large by clustering the effects of multiple stressors in a way that is not additive but multiplicative. [21] The multiplicative effects and accumulation of less severe stressors may not be perceived intuitively and thus the public may be deceived about the extent to which propaganda, manipulation or torture is effective.

An example of this might be the clustering of terror attacks with fear of global warming, job loss and immigration. On the other hand, denial of the cluster effect is used to legalize torture.[10]

The trend is to make torture and brainwashing harder to detect either by victims, the public or legislation.

The cluster effect is also used in the opposite direction for healing mind control victims and complex trauma, referred to as multidimensional or integrative approach. [22]

Effects on witnesses

Witnessing torture has traumatizing effects. Naomi Klein notes:

“When torture is covertly practiced but officially and legally repudiated, there is still hope that if atrocities are exposed, justice could prevail. When torture is pseudo-legal and those responsible deny that it is torture, what dies is what Hannah Arendt called "the juridical person in man".”
Naomi Klein (2005)  [23]

Practicing torture violates the human right of dignity. But it is also an assault on identity for those who learn about the policy of democratic leaders to use it as a scare tactic and for human experimentation. [24] Denying it's effects is a particularly malignant betrayal of the widespread belief that a democracy protects human rights and the state should be a protective institution. [25]

Recent Developments

Mind control research is ongoing. [26]

Cultural references

George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four includes narration of the main character's imprisonment, isolation, and torture in an effort to control his his thoughts and emotions to the wishes of the rulers of Orwell's fictional future totalitarian society.



Page nameStartEndPerpetratorsDescription
"Korean War/CIA brainwashing spin"A word coined by the CIA in an effort to cover-up the US Army's use of biological weapons in the Korean War.
Controlling the narrative
HypnosisHypnosis was a focus of CIA attention in the MK Ultra project.
Mind controlMind Control aims to gain domination over the victim by making them cede their autonomy to the controlling person or group. Methods include lying, isolation, manipulation, indoctrination, electroshock, operant conditioning, coding / programming and "brainwashing".
Operation Dormouse19751975CIA
Phobia inductionManipulative technique to foster suggestibility and a physical stress reaction
Project CHATTER19471953US Navy
Charles Savage
Naval Medical Research Center
CIA research focused on the identification and testing of drugs in interrogations and the recruitment of agents.
Project MKCHICKWITCIAAn illegal mind control research programme.
Project MKUltra13 April 19531973CIAAn illegal mind control research programme, where psychoactive drugs (especially LSD) and other chemicals, electroshocks, hypnosis, sensory deprivation, isolation, verbal and sexual abuse, in addition to other forms of torture were used to gain control of individuals.
Project MonarchCIAExperimentation research linked to and derived from MK-Ultra.
Ritual abuse
Social control
Social engineeringThe calculated influencing of society on a large scale, often over a long term.


Mind control victims on Wikispooks

Cathy O'Brien
Sirhan SirhanA patsy who was very likely MK-ultra'ed to assassinate Robert Kennedy.


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Edward Bernays“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country... In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons... who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.”Edward Bernays1928
Human sacrifice“While documentation of the widespread existence of Satanic human sacrifice cults is lacking, evidence of other forms of systematic human sacrifice is available. Two examples in modern history are the Catholic Inquisition, a human sacrifice cult of a religious-theological nature, and the Third Reich, a human sacrifice cult of a military-political nature. (In calling the Inquisition and the Third Reich cults, I am using the word in a broad, informal, and unscholarly sense, to mean an organized group driven by a well-elaborated theological doctrine, which for the Nazis was Aryan racial mysticism.) The fact that the Catholic Inquisition and the Third Reich were both run by middle-class, Caucasian, educated individuals from Judaeo-Christian cultures suggests that it is psychologically possible for ordinary middle-class citizens to be perpetrating such crimes in North America today, especially given the high level of violence in contemporary Western societies.”Colin Ross1995
Strategy of tension“In order to tackle the root causes of radicalization ("Radicalization" refers to a value shift towards fovouring a more equal distribution of wealth) in particular of young people, the EU should consider strengthening targeted actions designed to raise awareness and promote the respect of fundamental rights and values".”European Ministers of the Interior2015
The Pedophocracy“Contracts between the business milieu and the political world, contracts between businessmen amongst each other, fraud with subsidies or licenses, setting up fake firms, criminal contracts like arms trade... everything was possible. And it always ended with sex and children... Pictures were taken, in jest, to keep both parties to their contracts...


Step by step customers, who first went to bed with me cautiously, were stimulated to rougher sex. I was forced to help them with that... They became complicit and at the same time their mutual connections became tighter. Not one of these people was still inclined to sign contracts with individuals outside the network. If that happened one could make them pay dearly for that...”
Regina Louf1998


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An official example

Jonestown18 November 197818 November 1978The People's Temple cult, in Jonestown, lead by Jim Jones. In 1978 hundreds of members were poisoned by drinking a cyanide laced drink.
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