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|subgroups=National Audit Office (United Kingdom)
|subgroups=National Audit Office (United Kingdom)
|image=Public Accounts Committee.jpg
|leaders=Chair of the Public Accounts Committee
|leaders=Chair of the Public Accounts Committee

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Group.png Public Accounts Committee  Rdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
Public Accounts Committee.jpg
Parent organizationBritish House of Commons
LeaderChair of the Public Accounts Committee
SubgroupsNational Audit Office (United Kingdom)

Al-Yamamah arms deal‎

Full article: Al-Yamamah arms deal‎

The 1992 report into the Al-Yamamah arms deal‎ was withheld from (some?) members of this committee.[citation needed] In October 1994, Tam Dalyell submitted documents to parliament that he claimed proved Mark Thatcher was also involved and received a £12 million commission on the deal‎ signed off by his mother while she was UK Prime Minister. The Public Accounts Committee decided not to investigate.[1]


The Public Accounts Committee criticised the decommissioning of the Sellafield nuclear reprocessing site, noting the cost of decommissioning had now reached £67.5 billion, and there was "no indication of when that cost will stop rising".[2][3]

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