Unite the Right rally

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Event.png "“Terrorism”"
Unite the Right rally (protest,  riot,  vehicular assault,  air disaster,  deep event?) Rdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
LocationCharlottesville,  Virginia
Blamed on“Alt-right”
Supposed sponsorsRepublican Party, Donald Trump
DescriptionAn deep event in 2017

The Unite the Right rally was blamed on the Alt-right.

What happened?

What exactly happened still isn't clear.


Lots of different groups were there.


A Helicopter crash killed two. A vehicular assault killed one.

Media coverage

Donald Trump - "very fine people on both sides"


Related Document

TitleTypePublication dateAuthor(s)Description
Document:Weekend Clashes Emblematic of Political Violence Around the CountryArticle16 October 2018Anti-Defamation LeagueThis ADL blog post from 2018 outlines instances of "terrorism", blamed mainly on the Proud Boys during first two years of the Presidency of Donald Trump. Since then, they were revealed to have links to FBI informants.


The Official Culprit

"Alt-right"A modern term used in US and western CCM-media to define conservative-aligned parts of the population that have strayed away from supporting the classic liberal and classic conservatism parties in favour of (sometimes) more reactive, violent or anti-governmental ideas and concepts, in a way similar to the positioning of Antifa in the political spectrum.
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