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Concept.png Air disaster 
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The 2007 Yucatan Gulfstream drug crash, a CIA plane carrying tonnes of cocaine
Interest of• National Transportation Safety Board
• Rodney Stich
These are of particular interest on Wikispooks if there is a suggestion that they are non-accidental.

Official narrative

Accidents do happen, both in the air and on roads. Sometimes these will affect people of interest to the deep state. So the events listed below may in fact be accidental.


Aircrashes, are effective as murder weapons, and the technology exists to reliably destroy aircraft when certain persons of interest are known to be aboard. Anyone who doubts that the CIA would go be so irresponsible as to assist in the destruction of aircraft is referred to the Arms for Libya page, which details how the CIA first denied selling 20 tons of plastic explosive together with arranging training of Gaddafi's military by US Green Berets.

Assassination by air crash

The CIA is widely suspected of carrying out assassinations by (small) plane crash, for example in the case of the 1980 Camarate air crash, where a trail leads straight to the CIA. Wayne Madsen claimed that in 1990 the FBI bombed the plane of Gary Caradori to shut down exposure of the Franklin child prostitution ring.

This method, like that of the "suicide bomber" can be relied upon to destroy a lot of evidence about the identity of the perpetrators. Manipulation of circumstances (or just the historical record) can provide for more assistance to build an official narrative about bad weather/pilot error etc. Control of the investigation process (in the first instance in the USA by the NTSB) is invaluable in covering up non-accidental crashes, allowing them to be used as covert assassination tools with a high degree of plausible deniability.

US Investigation procedure

In USA, the National Transportation Safety Board is charged with investigating accidental air crashes. This means that they must pass responsibility to the FBI if they believe foul play may have been involved - although that the FBI is still free to disagree the NTSB's suspicions and declare the event accidental. In the case of TWA Flight 800, for example, the NTSB passed control immediately to the FBI, because of all the reports of a missile. In that case, the FBI declared the event was accidental. Such a system means that in the absence of too much clear evidence of foul play, control of either the NTSB or the FBI is sufficient to prevent a potentially dangerous verdict.

Deviations from established procedure remain particularly suspicious, such as the case of Korean Air Lines Flight 007, in which although the NTSB was legally mandated to investigate, it decided not to, letting the International Civil Aviation Organization reach a verdict instead.



Page nameDateFatalitiesSurivorsLocationDescription
1947 BSAA Avro Lancastrian Star Dust accident2 August 1947110Mount TupungatoA mysterious plane crash incident dating back to 1947 which killed all on board, the wreckage was not found till 51 years later.
1948 BSAA Star Ariel disappearance17 January 1949200A plane that disappeared over the Bermuda Triangle in 1948, remains unsolved
1980 Camarate air crash4 December 1980Portugal
A covert assassination of Adelino Amaro da Costa, to cover up the October surprise conspiracy.
1994 Scotland RAF Chinook crash2 June 1994290Scotland
Mull of Kintyre
A helicopter crash incident which killed all on board, including almost all the UK's senior Northern Ireland intelligence experts.
1996 Croatia USAF CT-43 crash3 April 1996350Croatia
3 km north of Dubrovnik Airport
Plane crash that killed 35, including US Commerce Secretary, Ron Brown. At least one associate of the Clintons, Johnny Chung, did not understand this to be a simple accident, and became afraid for his life.
2007 Yucatan Gulfstream drug crash24 September 20070Mexico
A plane used by the CIA for rendition, which later crashed in Mexico, with tons of cocaine aboard.
9-11/Flight 9311 September 2001The official narrative, that the plan crashed into soft earth and buried itself, explaining the complete lack of luggage, plane or body parts, was questioned by reporters at the time, but that coverage seems not to have been repeated.
Air France Flight 161111 September 196895France
Mediterranean Sea
Air crash blamed on fire. The investigation covered up that it was hit by a military missile.
Air France Flight 29626 June 19883Air crash blamed on pilot error. The investigation covered up several important aspects.
Air India Flight 10124 January 19661170France
Mont Blanc
A plane crash in France in 1966. Among those killed was the chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission of India.
Air India Flight 18223 June 19853290Atlantic OceanThe biggest mass killing in Canadian history. Bomb blast brought a plane down off the coast of Ireland.
American Airlines Flight 58712 November 2001265New York
A catastrophic plane crash in New York City exactly two months and one day after 9-11.
Arrow Air Flight 1285R2560Canada
Gander International Airport
A plane carrying 248 U.S. Army personnel was brought down by am onboard explosion, but for political reasons that was inconvenient to admit at the time, so the official narrative settled for a thin layer of ice on the wings as the cause for the crash
Avianca Flight 20327 November 19891100Colombia
Cerro Canoas
Bijlmer disasterApril 199243Netherlands
An Israeli cargo plane crashes in Amsterdam with missing unknown cargo, voice recorders and unknown Israeli men that appeared within "8 minutes".
Colgan Air Flight 340712 February 200950New York
A plane crash which killed a prominent 9-11 truther, Beverly Eckert who refused to accept money from the 9-11/Compensation fund and instead pursued justice in the legal system.
Crossair Flight 359724 November 2001249SwitzerlandA plane crash in Switzerland in November 2001. Among those killed were famous musicians.
Cubana de Aviación Flight 4556 October 1976730Bridgetown
8 km west of Seawell Airport
Dag Hammarskjöld/Premature death18 September 1961Africa
EgyptAir Flight 804Mediterranean Sea
290km North of Alexandria
Crashed passenger flight from Egypt to France, killing all 66 on board. Happened at in same area and time as military exercise Phoenix Express 2016
EgyptAir Flight 99031 October 1999217Atlantic Ocean
100 km (62 mi) S of Nantucket
Unclear plane disaster. The NTSB concluded this was a deliberate act, the ECAA disputed this conclusion.
Germanwings Flight 952524 March 2015150Air crash blamed on lone nut pilot. The investigation covered up several important aspects.
Iran Air Flight 6553 July 19882900Persian Gulf
Strait of Hormuz
A civilian jet airliner shot down by US Navy surface to air missiles on 3 July 1988 as it flew over the Strait of Hormuz
Itavia Flight 87027 June 198081Italy
Tyrrhenian Sea
Near Ustica
Suspicious plane crash that was the subject of complex legal action.
Japan Air Lines Flight 123JapanThe deadliest single-aircraft accident in aviation history.
Kashmir Princess11 April 195513CIA/KMT assassination attempt on Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai on the way to the Bandung Conference.
Korean Air Lines Flight 0071 September 19830Soviet Union
Pacific Ocean
Sakhalin Island
Near Moneron Island
1983 plane shootdown that killed Larry McDonald, who was interested in investigating the Trilateral Commission.
Libyan Arab Airlines Flight 11421 February 19731085Sinai PeninsulaForty two years later, in another case of mass murder in Sinai, Russian Airbus Metrojet Flight 9268 exploded on 31 October 2015 killing all 224 passengers and crew
Malaysia Airlines Flight 1717 July 2014298Ukraine
Donetsk Oblast
48.13806°N 38.63889°E
A Boeing 777-200 plane, of Malaysian Airlines, which crashed in Ukraine, east of Donetsk on 17 July 2014, killing all 298 on board. President of Malaysia Mahathir Mohamad was very suspicious of the immediate sole blaming of Russia.
Malaysia Airlines Flight 3708 March 20142390South China Sea
Indian Ocean
A commercial airliner which went missing. Reported to be seen flying towards black site, Diego Garcia. The prime-minister of Malaysia became visibly concerned that Boeing and the CIA were covering up something.
Metrojet Flight 926831 October 2015Egypt
South of Al-Arish
Sinai Peninsula
Metrojet Flight 9268 disappeared from radar at 31,000 feet, exploded and crashed killing everyone on board.
Pan Am Flight 10321 December 19882700Scotland
Dumfries and Galloway
When Pan Am Flight 103 exploded over Lockerbie, Scotland on 21 December 1988, killing all 259 passengers and crew on board, news reports cited UN Assistant Secretary-General, Bernt Carlsson, as its highest-profile victim. US and British intelligence operatives, posing as Lockerbie investigators, ignored the evident targeting of the UN diplomat and instead focused on the jumbo jet. With the result that the wrong country was blamed and an innocent person convicted of the Lockerbie bombing.
Paul Wellstone/Assassination25 October 2002 10:22:008US
A crash officially recorded as an accident, but which several researchers consider to have been a covert assassination.
Roswell IncidentJune 1947US
New Mexico
A crash reported in US media in the 1940s of a military or weather balloon. Witnesses, including military personnel later reported they were told to stay quiet and lie, as the "objects" retrieved appeared to be from extraterrestrial origin.
Swissair Flight 1112 September 19982290Canada
Atlantic Ocean
Nova Scotia
Near Peggy’s Cove
A 1998 crash of the "UN shuttle". It was subject to the most expensive transport accident investigation in Canadian history, the chief forensic scientist of which claimed in 2011 that he was not allowed to pursue clear evidence of an incendiary device.
Swissair Flight 330Switzerland
TWA Flight 80017 July 19962300New York
Moriches Inlet
Long Island
An extremely suspicious air crash, which occurred simultaneously with a live fire exercise being carried out by the US Navy.
The Mehamn Accident11 March 1982Norway
Northern Norway
Barents Sea
Passenger plane that crashed because of actions of British fighter jet. The cause was covered up by 3 investigation committees, and is still not officially admitted.
UIA Flight PS752176
UTA Flight 77219 September 1989170Niger1989 plane bombing in the African nation of Chad. Libya was framed for political reasons, in a striking resemblance to the destruction of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland.
Unite the Right rally3Virginia
An deep event in 2017
United Airlines Flight 5538 December 19724518US
A plane crash which ended the life of the wife of E. Howard Hunt, suspected by some to have been an assassination.
Wapiti Aviation Flight 40219 October 198464Canada
Slave Lake
The sudden plane crash which killed Alberta Opposition leader Grant Notley at the start of his burgeoning political career.


Air disaster victims on Wikispooks

Gustaf AdolfSwedish royal who probably could have played an important role in post war Europe had he not died in 1947 air crash.
Nick BegichA US congressman whose small plane disappeared without trace in Alaska, together with Hale Boggs and two other men.
Homi J. BhabhaIndian nuclear physicist possibly killed by the CIA in air crash
Eşref BitlisTurkish general who was assassinated by deep state as part of the Turkey/1993 Planned Military Coup
Artyom BorovikA Russian journalist who was interested in the Russian apartment bombings. Died in a plane crash
Thomas Elmer BraniffUS businessman killed in plane crash
Ron BrownRon Brown was the United States Secretary of Commerce, serving during the first term of President Bill Clinton. He died in a plane crash along with 34 others. 3 months later, Mohammed Ferrat, a business partner, reportedly died aboard TWA 800.
Gary CaradoriAn investigator into the Franklin child prostitution ring, killed with his son in a plane crash.
Mel CarnahanA US politician who died in a small plane crash in 2000. Two years later, a similar plane crash killed Paul Wellstone, another liberal opponent of the "national security" agenda.
Michael ConnellA US political consultant who died in a small plane crash
Alfred DallingerAustrian politician, Bilderberg 1979, died in a small plane crash in 1989
Olivier DassaultFrench politician and billionaire. Killed in a freak helicopter crash.
Michael H. DoranA lawyer who was working for free to help the relatives of 9-11 victims who refused the US government's 9-11/Compensation fund.
Beverly EckertThe outspoken wife of a 9/11 victim who refused to accept the 9-11/Compensation fund and forcefully stating "My silence cannot be bought".
Donald D. EngenNavy vice admiral, Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration, died in a plane crash
Loretta FuddyThe Hawaii official who released Obama's birth certificate. She reportedly died due to a cardiac arrhythmia after a plane crash in which no one else was seriously hurt.
Haim GeronWitness in the Benjamin Netanyahu corruption trial who died in explosive plane crash.
John HeinzUS Senator who chaired review board that probed the Iran-Contra affair. Both he and Senator John Tower, who was investigating a variety of different CIA criminal activities and dirty dealings, died in two different plane accidents on the same day.
Howard Hughes
Dorothy HuntSpook, wife of Watergate/JFK assassination conspirator, E. Howard Hunt. Killed in a plane suspicious crash.
H. John Heinz IIIA US politician and Bilderberger who died in a small plane crash the day before a friend of his, John Tower also died in a plane crash.
Nestor IzquierdoBay of Pigs, may have been spotter for JFK assassination in Dallas
John F. Kennedy Jr.Another promising Kennedy with a tragic end
Lech KaczyńskiPresident of Poland who was killed in the catastrophic Smolensk air disaster
Saak Karapetyan"Russian deputy attorney general" who reportedly died in a helicopter crash
Petr KellnerCzech businessman who made large fortune on privatization. Died in helicopter accident.
Giannos KranidiotisA greek diplomat and politician who was killed together with his son in a "freak accident" 3 months after attending a Bilderberg meeting.
Arne KruithofFlight School owner involved in 9/11. Keeps a very low profile. Implicated Rudi Dekkers was lying about his activities. Survived a heavy plane crash in 2002.
Alexander LebedA military man who ran for Russian President in 1996. Died in 2002 in a helicopter crash.
Jeff LumpkinRaytheon director who was killed in a plane crash
Patty LumpkinWife of a Raytheon director who was killed in a plane crash
Christophe de MargerieA Total CEO who died in a plane crash in Moscow in 2014. WEF AGM regular
Enrico MatteiChairman of ENI, the Italian state oil company which had challenged the oligopoly of the Seven Sisters. He died in a suspicious plane crash in 1962.
Larry McDonaldA US congressman who placed legislative pressure on the CFR. Died in Korean Air Lines Flight 007.
Ivo NutarelliItalian Air Force pilot witnessing or participating in the events around the shoot down of flight Itavia Flight 870 in 1980. Died in deadly acrobatic show accident in 1988.
Monte OveracreCIA spook who worked in Central America and with recurring foreign technology experts to spy for the U.S. Died in suspicious 1995 plane crash, after starting to talk too freely.
George PiazzaCounsel for James Lewallen, a former roommate of David W. Ferrie, who died when a DC8 he was flying crashed in a residential area near New Orleans International Airport and exploded in a fiery crash into the rear of the Hilton Inn, killing 18 persons.
Sebastián PiñeraElected twice President of Chile
Francis Gary PowersDied in a helicopter crash before he could testify to the HSCA/
Jim PrenticeFormer Premier of Alberta who died in plane crash
Walter ReutherBilderberger labor leader, probably assassinated with a plane crash in 1970.
David Schine
Tom SlickA spooky millionaire businessman
John TowerSenator who as Chairperson of the President's Intelligence Advisory Board died in a plane crash a day after a friend of his.
Boris Trajkovski
Nancy Carole TylerPersonal secretary to Bobby Baker
Hugh WardPrivate investigator working with Guy Banister and David Ferrie, died in a 1964 plane crash
Thomas D. Willhite
Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq
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