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The 20/80 society is a concept that has been discussed by Hans-Peter Martin in his book: "The Global Trap",[1][2] that was published after he visited the convention that took place in 1995 at the Fairmont San Francisco, which was sponsored by the Gorbachev Foundation.[3][4]

He was one of three invited journalists at this conference where he overheard global business leaders discussing how much, or less workforce they actually need to keep their companies going.

20/80 society

"Obsolete" a 2016 documentary by Truthstream Media

The book is known for defining a possible "20/80 society". In this envisaged society of the 21st century, 20 percent of the working age population will be enough to keep the world economy going. The other 80 percent live on some form of welfare (while not explicitly mentioned, likely Universal Basic Income) and are entertained with "tittytainment", a term uttered by Zbigniew Brzezinski, which aims at keeping the 80 percent of frustrated citizens happy with a mixture of deafeningly predictable, lowest common denominator entertainment for the soul in addition to nourishment for the body.[5]

Streaming services like Netflix for movies and TV series abound, and a coming wave of full robotization have made this a likely future scenario.[6]

Pareto Principle

The Pareto Principle is a rule that defines that 20 percent of business activities will account for 80 percent of results/revenue.[7]