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(Mariner, Farmer, Politician, Author)
Jimmy Carter.jpg
BornJames Earl Carter Jr.
October 1, 1924
Plains, Georgia, U.S.
Alma materGeorgia Southwestern College, United States Naval Academy
Parents • James Earl Carter Sr.
• Bessie Lillian Gordy
Children • 4
• including
• John William
• Amy Lynn
SpouseRosalynn Smith
Member ofTrilateral Commission
Interest ofJackson Stephens
Relatives • Gloria Carter Spann
• Ruth Carter Stapleton
• Billy Carter
• Hugh Carter
• Jason Carter
• James Carter IV
As US President posed problems for the US Deep state but was unsuccessful in his efforts to rein it in

Employment.png US President

In office
January 20, 1977 - January 20, 1981
EmployerUS Government
DeputyWalter Mondale
Preceded byGerald Ford
Succeeded byRonald Reagan
A relatively enlightened presidency, although he was unable to restrain the US Deep state.

Employment.png Governor of Georgia

In office
January 12, 1971 - January 14, 1975

Employment.png Member of the Georgia Senate from the 14th district

In office
January 14, 1963 - January 10, 1967

Jimmy Carter is a former US President who posed problems for the US Deep state. A former marine, early on he was known for his support for the UFO disclosure movement and more (rural) school funding. Carter often appeared to be played by deep state elements close to him, from CIA director Bush Sr to future president Ronald Reagan and his October surprise, and even his national security advisor Zbigniew Brzeziński working in Afghanistan. The CCM painted him as a soft or ineffective president in the eyes of the general public, which perhaps is another successful result of Operation Mockingbird and stimulated his defeat in the US/1980 Presidential Election, which helped Ronald Reagan solidify the US Deep state their grip on the government apparatus.


Early Career

UFO Encounter

Carter reported seeing an unidentified flying object while at Leary, Georgia, in 1969. While serving as governor of Georgia, Carter was asked (on September 14, 1973) by the International UFO Bureau in Oklahoma City to file a report of the sighting, and he did. Carter subsequently promised to declassify all UFO investigations and start the search to uncover what the US government possibly was hiding. Carter backtracked his activism during his reign, citing "national security" with "defense implications", hinting the US Air Force may have more to do than publicly assumed, placing questions what he was told.[1][2]

Carter did order a report from Bush Sr when Bush was CIA/Director, and was told "he was on a need-to-know-basis" regarding aliens.[3] A former researcher at NASA in the late 1980s remembers a story about why Carter never was able to declassify much;

“"Yes the incident of Jimmy Carter crying after being briefed about classified information regarding UFO's is largely believed to be true by the serious researchers on the subject. As a forewarning, the following information is very unsettling and will explain why Cater never "kept his promise" of revealing classified UFO information to the public.

According to the story that was corroborated by more than once witness, U.S. presidents are only given a cursory overview of the subject. Apparently, the CIA runs the program, only provide information to the President on a need to know basis, and do no consider presidential curiosity as sufficient need to know. This was implemented after Kennedy, and all presidents after him have been given only summary briefings (some presidents for unknown reasons were given more than others).

Okay onto your question, President Carter is a deeply religious man who had also witnessed a UFO with 6 other people. Everyone thought that he would be the one to finally release UFO info to the public but as the story goes, he was repeatedly stonewalled. Eventually, the CIA had "the talk" with him, and afterward it was reported that he sunk his head in his hands and not only began to deeply sob, but was visibly disturbed for some weeks afterward.

What was he told and shown?

He was told that major religions including Christianity were programs created by extraterrestrials to prevent us from destroying ourselves while they ran their experiments on us -- and that they made us. At this moment is became clear to Carter that such information could cause tremendous economic and social upheaval. I should add that I am not only a Christian, but a clergyman, so I am in no way attempting to promote atheism here. In fact, how God fits into this might be an interesting separate post. Nevertheless, these are the facts as I know them to be."”
Ed Harris (2021)  [4]


US Deep state opposition

On his second day in office, Carter pardoned all evaders of the Vietnam War drafts.[5] Jimmy Carter put solar panels on the roof of the White House, which were removed by Ronald Reagan. Carter's re-election was by hindered by the October surprise conspiracy, a secret deal with Iranian hostage takers to give them weapons in order to prevent the release of the US embassy hostages before the 1980 US presidential election. In the event, the hostages were released hours after Reagan was inaugurated, but the official narrative still denies that this deal happened. President Carter rarely used the word "terrorism", and when he did, it was mostly about the hostage taking of the US embassy staff in Tehran.[6] Carter was known for his efforts to reduce defense spending and advocated for a more streamlined and efficient military budget. He vetoed certain defense-related bills that he believed were wasteful or unnecessary and tried opposing the military-industrial-complex. After his intelligence agencies started funding groups that the CCM introduced the term "terrorists" for (after a Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism, Carter was forced to increase the budget in his last year.[7]

Carter promised during his campaign that if "the CIA ever makes a mistake, I'll bethe one, as President, to call a press conference, and I'll tell you and the American people, this is what happened, these are the people who violated the law, this is the punishment I recommend, this is the corrective action that needs to be taken, and I promise you it won't happen again." Carter also promised that the Administration would: "press for a specific legislative charter to spell out the powers of the FBI, CIA and other intelligence agencies, and the precise limitations on those powers.[8]

In late June 1976, Georgia Governor Jimmy Carter distinguished himself in the eyes of CIA officials by becoming the first presidential hopeful to request intelligence briefings even before receiving his party's nomination. Carter's request, which was directed to President Gerald Ford, prompted discussions involving the President, CIA Director George Bush, and National Security Adviser Brent Scowcroft about who should provide such intelligence briefings and when they should be made available to the candidate. Bush recommended to Ford that as a first step he, Bush, should meet with Carter to discuss the ground rules and arrange for follow-on briefings, which would be delivered by intelligence professionals. The ever-cautious Scowcroft recommended instead that all briefings should be given by the DCI, accompanied and supported by the appropriate National Intelligence Officers, who were the Intelligence Community's senior substantive experts.[9]


Because of Carter's involvement in the Camp David Accords, he "was in an odd position—he had attempted to break with traditional US policy but ended up fulfilling the goals of that tradition, which had been to break up the Arab alliance, side-line the Palestinians, build an alliance with Egypt, weaken the Soviet Union and secure Israel."[10], which perhaps ignores the fact his deep state actor and National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski already was looking 6 months to a year before the official story to destabilise Soviet Elements in countries such as Afghanistan. Brzesinski tried painting the narrative that Carter and he knowingly planned this - and CCM often quoted the plan like this - although Brzesinski was the one who mentioned that he wanted to sacrifice handing the Middle East to Taliban and their regime, just to remove the Russians.[11]


Part of his opposition also came from his cabinet plan to cut in half the portion of United States oil which is imported, from a potential level of 16 million barrels to six million barrels a day, even if it sacrified big oil or every other special interest group in the US.[12]

Taxpayers Money

Robert McKinney was the Indiana Chairman for the presidential campaigns of John F. Kennedy, Edmund Muskie, and Jimmy Carter. McKinney was legal counsel to Indiana Governor Roger D. Branigin and as Chairman of Governor Evan Bayh’s Government Reorganization Committee.[13]

Jimmy Carter, who was his class mate at the Naval Academy[14], appointed him as chairman of the Federal Home Loan Bank Board, the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation (FSLIC ), and the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (Freddie Mac) in 1977[15]. In the 1980s, during the savings and loan crisis, the FSLIC became insolvent. It was recapitalized with taxpayer money several times, with $15 billion in 1986 and $10.75 billion in 1987; however, by 1989 it was too insolvent to save.

CIA Purge

Joe Biden Conspiracy

Senator Joe Biden colluded with Republicans on the Intelligence Committee to kill the nomination of a CIA critic to be director of the agency. Among the reasons was that the nominee, Ted Sorensen, had admitted to taking classified documents for a biography of his longtime friend John F. Kennedy and had spoken out in defense of Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg. In fact, Biden went so far as to suggest Sorensen might be subject to prosecution under the Espionage Act. The Intercept reported in its special series Empire Politician: A Half-Century of Joe Biden’s Stances on War, Militarism, and the CIA that Biden just wanted a democrat as President but didn't want to cut the power of the CIA with a rookie with no statecraft-knowledge. Carter had said that he wanted an outsider for the CIA post as part of his pledge to reduce the agency’s power and budget.[16]

Jimmy Carter, assisted by his pick for Director of Central Intelligence, Stansfield Turner, sacked a lot of the top leadership of the CIA.[17][18]

South America

Operation Condor was a US-backed campaign of assassination and terrorisation carried out in South America. The US Deep state government provided planning, coordinating, training on torture[19], technical support and supplied military aid to the Juntas during the Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, and the Reagan administrations.[20] Such support was frequently routed through the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).


Around 1972 the U.S. were reported to increasingly let more people in Panama let go in drug trafficking investigations, possibly as a result of an agreement between General Torrijos and U.S. President Richard Nixon. Noriega according to journalist John Dinges - Noriega was using his School Of The Americas training to execute the most trivial of opponents on a Phoenix program style level of skill. Priests arguing for less drug trafficking were thrown out of helicopters, Noriega began selling info to the countries he had relay stations for the CIA set up for - including Cuba, which in part, caused the Jimmy Carter administration to stop funding after President Gerald Ford already halted the funding - alleged up to $100.000 a year of Noriega (which increased to $11 million at the end of his reign)[21]


The Frontline States was an organisation which was established to achieve majority rule in South Africa or better said, committed to ending apartheid and white minority rule in South Africa and Rhodesia. It no longer exists. Former members included Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe.[22] United States relations with Front Line States reached their peak during the human rights push of the Carter administration.[23] During the Reagan administration, Assistant Secretary of State for Africa Chester Crocker and the Front Line States were engaged diplomatically to achieve landmark peace accords between South Africa, Mozambique, Angola (Lusaka Protocol of 1994), and Namibia (New York Accords of 1988).[24][25]



The day before he left office, Jimmy Carter granted a pardon to singer Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul and Mary for a "morals charge" involving a 14 yo girl. Peter Yarrow went on to write a children's book. Eleanor Mondale, the daughter of Carter's VP, was said to have affairs with Don Henley, Bill Clinton and Arnold Schwarzenegger. In his petition, Yarrow cited his concern that he would soon have to tell his young children about what he has described at the time as "the most terrible mistake I have ever made."

Assassination attempt

Raymond Lee Harvey was arrested by the Secret Service after being found armed, ten minutes before Carter was to give a speech at the Civic Center Mall in Los Angeles on May 5, 1979.[26] Harvey had a history of mental illness, but police had to investigate his claim that he was part of a four-man operation to assassinate the president. He claimed to have been with one of the plotters that night, whom he knew as "Julio". This man was later identified as a 21-year-old illegal immigrant from Mexico, who gave the name Osvaldo Espinoza Ortiz. Charges against the pair were ultimately dismissed for a lack of evidence. Both are remembered for parts of their names together form Lee Harvey Oswald.

John Hinckley Jr. came close to shooting Carter during his re-election campaign, but he lost his nerve. He would later attempt to kill President Ronald Reagan in March 1981.

Later Activities

In 2004, Carter denounced the odd way in how the US forced invasions in Iraq based on misleading statements. Carter also hinted the strange closed ranks of the CCM that followed and called out way they control the narratives regarding the Iraq War.

“Nowadays, because of the unwarranted invasion of Iraq by Bush and Blair, which was a completely unjust adventure based on misleading statements, and the lack of any effort to resolve the Palestinian issue, [there is] massive Islamic condemnation of the United States. (...) (American media organisations), have been cowed, because they didn't want to be unpatriotic. There has been a lack of inquisitive journalism. In fact, it's hard to think of a major medium in the United States that has been objective and fair and balanced, and critical when criticism was deserved”
Jimmy Carter (2004)  [27]

In 2011, Carter said that North Korean-famines were deliberately caused by the US to boost the economy of South Korea.[28] On July 17th, 2013, Carter opined bluntly: "America does not at the moment have a functioning democracy."[17] During a visit to the United Kingdom, Carter visited the House of Lords and made the following statement regarding the US 2016 Presidential Election;

“I think I would choose Trump, which may surprise some of you, but the reason is Trump has proven already that he's completely malleable. I don't think he has any fixed opinions that he would really go to the White House and fight for. Ted Cruz is not malleable. He has far right-wing policies, in my opinion, that would be pursued aggressively if and when he would become president.”
Jimmy Carter (February 2016)  [29]

In 2017 Carter commented that the USA is more an “oligarchy than a democracy”.[30] In the social-media era Carter became increasingly critic of the US and marked the role of social media in shaping opinion, in for example the US/2016 Election;

“I don’t think there’s any evidence that what the Russians did changed enough votes, or any votes”
Jimmy Carter,  NYT (2017)  [31]

““Well, he might be escalating it but I think that precedes Trump,” he said. “The United States has been the dominant character in the whole world and now we’re not anymore. And we’re not going to be. Russia’s coming back and India and China are coming forward.””
Jimmy Carter,  NYT (2017)  [31]

Carter remarked in 2014 that "there is no humane or legal justification' for the way Israel has 'pulverised large parts of Gaza, including thousands of homes, schools, and hospitals".[32] Carter also mentioned that he was a supporter of Bernie Sanders since 2016 and against BLM-protests during the US national anthem.

CIA Spirituals/MK Ultra Research?

Carter had a tendency later during his life to reveal some of the weirdest stories about the 3-letter agencies and the personal relations between high ranking officials, even remarking the following as example involving a psychic;

“I became more aware of what our intelligence services were doing. There was only one instance that I'll talk about now. We had a plane go down in the Central African Republic—a twinengine plane, small plane. And we couldn't find it. And so we oriented satellites that were going around the earth every ninety minutes to fly over that spot where we thought it might be and take photographs. We couldn't find it. So the director of the CIA came and told me that he had contacted a woman in California that claimed to have supernatural capabilities. And she went in a trance, and she wrote down latitudes and longitudes, and we sent our satellite over that latitude and longitude, and there was the plane.”
Jimmy Carter,  GQ (2005)  [33]


A Quote by Jimmy Carter

Drone“We don't know how many hundreds of innocent civilians have been killed in these attacks ... This would have been unthinkable in previous times”2012


Appointments by Jimmy Carter

David AaronUS/Deputy National Security Advisor19771981
Donald McHenryUnited States Ambassador/United NationsSeptember 1979January 1981
Charles Byron RenfrewUS/Deputy Attorney General19801981
Ronald SpiersUS/Ambassador/Turkey26 May 197711 January 1980
Robert VanceJudge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit15 December 19771 October 1981
Andrew YoungUnited States Ambassador/United Nations30 January 197723 September 1979


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