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Founder• William Worthington Bain Jr.
InterestsThe Great Reset
Interest ofNicky Goulimis
Member ofEuropean Policy Centre, WEF/Strategic Partners
Sponsor ofWEF/Young Global Leaders
Membership• Manny Maceda
• Orit Gadiesh
• Ivan Hindshaw
• Satish Shankar
• Domenico Azzarello
• Thomas J. Tierney
• Ronald Grierson
• Paul Achleitner
• Kenneth Chenault
• John Donahoe
• Christian Illek
• Mitt Romney
• Theodor Weimer
• Meg Whitman
• Bernd Venohr
• Eric Kriss
• Stephen Pagliuca
• Joshua Bekenstein
• Gary Crittenden
• Pete Dawkins
• Ian Meakins
• Kevin Rollins
• Greg Brenneman
• Javed Ahmed
• Vivek Paul
• Mark Pincus
• Anne Glover
• Steve Jurvetson
• Jane Mendillo
• Jonathan Kraft
• Andy Wasynczuk
• Jayne Hrdlicka
• Federico Marchetti
• Claudia Sender
• Robin Buchanan
• Andrew Feldman
• Roger H. Brown
• Michael Kolowich
• Patrick Lencioni
• Michael Murphy
• Fred Reichheld
• Suzy Welch
• Patrick Manning
• Brandon Beck
• Valerie Hackl
One of the "Big Three" management consultancies

The article includes Bain Capital and other connected entities.

Bain & Company is a global management consultancy company, and one of the "Big Three" management consultancies (together with the equally ruthlessly profit-driven McKinsey & Company and Boston Consulting Group).

Company Culture and Connections

Bain is famous for the iron discipline and gung-ho profit-driven spirit of its members (who are known throughout the industry as Bainies), and for its extraordinary secrecy. Orit Gadiesh, its chairman since 1993, who took over from has long been a member of the Board of Trustees of the World Economic Forum, which pushes "The Great Reset", a dystopian top-down digitization of all areas of life.

Known for its predatory business practices, Bain played a big part in the outsourcing of US manufacturing during the 1980s and 1990s. Bain has been in the forefront of digital development and e-trade, including in sectors such as health care and education.


Bain and Company is strongly connected to the worldwide government measures and massive reorganization of the world economy stated to be against Covid-19, known as The Great Reset [1]. It is equally connected to the profit side of the Great Reset.

Bain is advising both the British[2] and Indian[3] governments on Covid-related policies. In France, the partnership goes further: it has been entrusted by the government to steer the country’s Covid testing strategy.[4]. According to the French Health Ministry, “Bain’s intervention is pro bono, "free advice"[5], as is the case in India. But the generous "free" advice has a catch: Bain (and Bain Capital) has significant holdings in companies profiting from how the measures are implemented.

It is connected to major networks of medical biology laboratories, the French Biogroup-LCD,[6] the Swiss Unilabs,[7] and the former French, Cerba HealthCare, now one of the main international networks.[8] They are all involved in the testing process for Covid-19, the latter throughout the world.[9] In France it is one of the three laboratories centralizing the swabs and communicating the data daily transmitted by the private “monitoring system, called ‘3labos’”.[10]

In 2011 Bain & Company envisaged a most promising future for vaccines in the age of globalization[11].

Digitalization of Healthcare

In the health sector, Bain was early in advocating its digitalization, in particular online consultations, thereby reducing diagnostics to a preestablished recipe founded on remotely transmitted numerical data[12]. As acknowledged by Bain, the Covid-19 situation is proving to be beneficial towards this end.[13]

Closely Associated with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Bain is closely associated with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation[14][15]. Microsoft and Amazon are among Bain's top holdings[16]. There is a significant back and forth in leadership cadre[17]. In 2017, Bain Capital together with Microsoft Ventures partnered with In-Q-Tel, “the CIA’s venture arm”, to fund a Silicon Valley startup, which “has been working with” a US Defense unit.

Media Connections

As "market boundaries between telecommunication, technology and media continue to diminish". Bain has worked with "7 of 10 global diversified media and entertainment companies, the top 5 B2B information companies and 8 of the 11 leading publishers," to "transform their business".[18]

Bain Capital

Formally independent, with just a veneer of plausible deniability, Bain Capital was founded in 1984 by former members of Bain & Company, including Mitt Romney, T. Coleman Andrews and Eric Kriss, helped by John W. Hanley, the CEO of Monsanto. Bain Capital is notably specialized in the takeover of businesses, which are then often forced into layoffs and debts, even into bankruptcy. [19]

According to the latter’s former managing director, Geoff Rehnert, this interconnected investment firm was wanted by Bill Bain and his partners in order to “do for the companies that they invested in or that they bought what they were doing for their clients, [so] that they would be even more profitable than just doing it on a consulting basis”.[20]force.

Sustainability Profits

Bain & Company has also partnered with the NGO Positive Planet[21], founded by Jacques Attali. The president of Bain’s French subsidiary sits on its board, together with two officials from the French government. Positive Planet, is a group whose "main aim is to develop sustainable and equitable economic, social, and environmental inclusion everywhere in the world”. Bain & Company is indeed very much present in what it considers to be the next revolution, that of sustainability: “Similar to the digital revolution before it, the sustainability revolution changes everything”. It is notably “shifting profit pools, challenging historically high returns in some areas while opening up billion-dollar opportunities in others[22]," most noticably plant-based meat, which according to Bain "could be a $140 billion business by the end of this decade"[23]. Bain has been hired by the company Impossible Foods to bring this about.


The list of people connected to the company include the current leadership, and notable people who have worked for the company.

Former Bain partner Matthew Stasior moved over to working with Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer when Microsoft was still a startup. In just 6 years, he helped grow Microsoft to over $4 billion in sales.[24]


Known members

6 of the 45 of the members already have pages here:

Paul AchleitnerAustrian banker businessman with deep state connections.
Robin BuchananTriple Bilderberger US businessman
Andrew FeldmanDavid Cameron's oldest political friend, Chairman of the Conservative Party 2010-2016. Macro Advisory Partners. Bain & Co
Orit GadieshOne of the world's "100 most powerful women". Attended the 1997 and 1998 Bilderbergs.
Ronald GriersonSpooky financier/businessman
Mitt Romney
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  1. The information in this Wikispooks-article is in large parts based on an analysis by Dr Urmie Ray
  7. The chief medical officer of Unilabs is a former Bain & Co. associate.