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On graduating, Cox became a sociology lecturer at the Polytechnic of North London rising to become Principal Lecturer. From 1974 she was head of the Department of Sociology.[citation needed] An Evangelicals Now article sympathetically describes her approach to her discipline: "As a committed Christian she presented a Christian view of Sociology."[1] She was therefore targeted by student movement: "It was a time of student unrest and the students organised demonstrations to disrupt lectures or meetings which they considered anti-Marxist. Cox bore the brunt of this and in 1974 the students passed a vote of no confidence in her."[1] Her background in sociology led her to write books on the subject for nurses.

In 1975, Cox co-wrote (with John Marks and Keith Jacka) The Rape of Reason: The Corruption of the Polytechnic of North London, published by Churchill Press Limited, attacking "Communist activity" at her workplace.[2] She resigned from the Polytechnic in 1977[1] and was a tutor at the Open University.[2] She was involved in the right-wing thinktank Institute for the Study of Conflict and contributed to its report, the Gould report, on left-wing activism in British universities, in which she focused on "Marxist bias" in the Open University.[3][4][2] Following her work on the Gould Report, Cox became a key figure in the New Right associated with Margaret Thatcher, Keith Joseph and Enoch Powell.[5]


Event Participated in

Identity Crisis: Can European civilization survive conference13 March 200814 March 2008Italy
European University of Rome


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