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Group.png Oxford University/Corpus Christi College  

Not to be confused with Cambridge University/Corpus Christi College

Corpus Christi College, established in 1517, is a part of Oxford University.


Carroll Quigley writes in The Anglo-American Establishment that Corpus Christi College was particularly important in the erasing of the role of the UK deep state from the official historical record.


Alumni on Wikispooks

Christopher Andrew23 July 1941UKAcademic
Official historian of MI5
Max Beloff2 July 191322 March 1999Propagandist
"Think-tanks can be important in bringing about a change in broad public perceptions..." British historian who founded the University College of Buckingham, now the University of Buckingham.
Isaiah Berlin6 June 19095 November 1997UKSpook
Deep state operative
Political theorist
UK spook, Milner Group/Outer Circle
David Miliband15 July 1965UKPolitician
UK politician
Ed Miliband24 December 1969PoliticianUK/Leader of the Opposition 2010-2015, WEF/Young Global Leaders/2008
Christopher Nugee23 January 1959Judge
Karol Sikora17 June 1948UKBig pharma/Lobbyistbig pharma lobbyist with connections to the UK COVID lockdown
William Waldegrave15 August 1946UKPolitician
Deep state operative
Creator of the hugely unpopular UK poll tax. Chairman of the Rhodes Trust. 4 Bilderbergs. Involved in exporting weapons to Iraq, the denied this in "untrue letters" to MPs. Associate of spooky Victor Rothschild.
Martin Wolf1946UKJournalistEconomic journalist and serial Bilderberger, aggressively promoting COVID jabs in February 2021
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