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Concept.png Big pharma/Lobbyist

Lobbyists for big pharma.


Full article: Vaccine

Examples include hits from Pharma lobbyist and Pharma lobby.



Page nameDescription
AHPRAAustralian health regulation agency.
Australian Science Media CentreThink tank created to dominate the narrative in Australian corporate media in scientific issues.
Daniel BahrOne in a series of German health ministers who were selected Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum.
Judith Hippler BelloBig Pharma lobbyist who was one of the founding members of the Australian American Leadership Dialogue
Gro Harlem BrundtlandDeep state/WHO connected Prime Minister/DG, concerned about "too much freedom of speech"
Roberto BurioniItalian virologist and academic who was given prominence in Italy for his strong stance against the antivaccination movement. The loudest proponent of the lockdowns and other policies from the start of Covid in 2020.
Anita CiceroBig pharma lobbyist, public health planner and participant in Event 201
Brad ConnettLarge vaccine pharma company executive, Event 201 participant
Tom DaschleTargeted by Amerithrax after expressing opposition to the Patriot Act. Attended Bilderberg 2008 and Clade X.
Christian DrostenGerman scientist who created and promoted PCR "test" which became pretext for Covid
Anthony FauciHealth bureaucrat who has a preference for vaccines over other drugs. Covid-19 taskforce leader.
Andrea FischerWEF backed German health minister turned pharma lobbyist
Bill GatesMulti-billionaire computer businessman, was "very close" to Epstein, Pushing a mass vaccination agenda in 2021. Called a Napoleon and drug trafficker repeatedly caught by the court of Washington D.C in the early 2000s.
Margaret HamburgUS physician and expert in pandemic preparedness. Board of the Council on Foreign Relations.Operation Dark Winter, Clade X, GAVI, CFR, Wellcome Trust,Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation
Richard HatchettEarly pusher (2001) for obligatory confinement of the whole population in case of biological emergency.
Hilary JonesBritish TV doctor. Works on ITV as one of the biggest promoters of the ON on Covid-19 in Great Britain.
Martin LandrayUK epidemiologist working for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation who used potentially deadly dose in trial of COVID-drug hydroxychloroquine.
Mark McClellanFood and Drug Administration Commissioner who "streamlined" regulatory requirements for new drugs. Later made big bucks on boards of Big Pharma companies.
Stanley Plotkinthe “Godfather of Vaccines”
Nathalie Van RaemdonckEuropean Parliament special advisor on propaganda and internet censorship
Mike RyanWHO exec with close ties to the pharma industry. Participated in Event 201.
Science Media Centre"Independent" media briefing centre for scientific issues in the UK, enjoying close links with the British government and corporations.
Karol Sikorabig pharma lobbyist with connections to the UK COVID lockdown
Moncef SlaouiResponsible for warp-speed development of experimental Covid-19 jabs up to January 2021. Fired over a "substantiated" sexual harassment claim in March 2021.
Owen SmithFormer Labour MP who was the Blairite candidate to defeat Jeremy Corbyn. He formerly worked at Pfizer and the BBC.
Jens SpahnSingle Bilderberger German Minister of Health, Pharma lobbyist & suspected deep state tool
Adrian ThomasPharma executive who attended Event 201 Covid dry-run.
Louis-Charles ViossatRevolving door Big Pharma lobbyist who was responsible for French Covid vaccine rollout. Replaced in January 2021 because he was perceived as too slow.
Bob Wieckowski“The police power of the state...has absolute authority to force that person (even adults) to get the vaccination...We undervalue our power–the state police power. If we believe that children are being harmed, we go into this domain of family rights, which are not absolute, and my question is: maybe we are not going far enough?”
Janet WoodcockBig Pharma civil servant responsible for the approval of opioid drugs, creating the United States opioid epidemic killing hundreds of thousands. In August 2021, responsible for giving permanent US approval of COVID-19 vaccines.
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