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Der Spiegel is a German language publication which has published various important stories including the first exposes of both the Bilderberg and Le Cercle.


In 2019, Der Spiegel received a donation of over $2.5M from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.[1]

Important stories

In October 1955, Der Spiegel published the first known story about the Bilderberg meeting, publishing many names of attendees, and even terming it a "conspiracy" (in quotes). This was probably the most detailed report in the commercially-controlled media for over 50 years.

In 1980, Der Spiegel published information about Le Cercle.[2] It printed the Langemann Papers after they were published in Konkret.[3][4]

On May 9, 2017, Der Spiegel reported that federal prosecutors had arrested 'Maximilian T.', the second German soldier accused of plotting to commit the 2017 Refugee False Flag‎ attack.[5]

In 2006, Der Spiegel reported that at least 40 percent of the information in a daily newspaper comes from PR agencies or from the marketing centers of companies, authorities and associations. Often the "news" comes along as supposed studies and is no longer perceived as PR.[6]


RT wrote in December 2018 that “This week, Der Spiegel, the German news weekly, was forced to admit that one of its former star reporters, the award-winning Claas Relotius, “falsified his articles on a grand scale.”” [7]


Related Quotation

Bernd Hamm“A good example is Spiegel, which was turned to the right under Stefan Aust and became more and more similar to Focus Magazine. This was perhaps most evident in the journalistic treatment of the attacks of September 11, 2001: After Aust and Schnibben had more or less codified the official line in their book, any doubts about this interpretation were fought off, ridiculed and declared an unfounded conspiracy theory.”Bernd Hamm


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