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(Author, Activist)
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Interests • Nature
• Cities
• Technology
If you haven't come across him, Derrick Jensen is a highly recommended and thought provoking thinker and writer.

Derrick Jensen is an American author, ecophilosopher, environmentalist, and advocate for a different approach to organize civilization. He is founder of the Deep Green Resistance environmental movement.[1][2]


Derrick Jensen suffered a lot of abuse at the hands of his father, a church minister.


After a degree in mining, he still hadn't worked out what he wanted to do with his life, or why he felt so alienated from modern society. The answer came to him while bee-keeping and getting closer to nature. His writings demonstrate a natural closeness to nature and a well researched knowledge of, to quote one of his book titles, The Culture of Make-Believe. His writings and lectures present a compelling case for a fundamental rethink of the technophile worldview. He believes that civilisation (life in cities) and high technology is fundamentally unsustainable, so is labelled an anarcho-primitivist.


Derrick Jensen - Endgame (complete lecture in one file)

Jensen has published a lot of books. He is a very eloquent speaker and has been featured over 10 times on Unwelcome Guests.[3] His magnum opus might be "A Language Older Than Words".