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The application of science for practical purposes, usually in industry.

Technology has debilitating effects which have long been a concern.[1]


Prominent critics included Ivan Illich and Jacques Ellul.[2]


Technological development relies on research, which may be expensive and fruitless. A common pattern is for it to be contracted out at public expense, for example in universities, but then used for private gain once commercially viable. For the deep state, technologies of social control and mass surveillance are of particular interest.

The "counter-terrorism" industry is driving technological development of mass surveillance and weapons technologies

Mass Surveillance

Full article: Mass surveillance/Technology
A 2017 UK report highlighting the purported "terror threat" and suggesting that electronic ankle tags be applied to those whom the authorities deem to constitute a "general threat". Red underlining in the original.[3]

A confluence of rapid technological developments continue to offer ever more extreme technologies for monitoring and control. Since 2001, the strategy of tension has assumed prominence as a means of inculcating fear in an effort to push forward public acceptance of mass surveillance. While the threat of "terrorism" remains extremely small, as compared to other everyday threats such as traffic accidents,[4] public fear of it are being stoked, most obviously by false flag attacks, but also by nurturing of enemy images such as that of the "radicalised" of "extremist" Muslims.


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Big Tech dominate the industry.


Full article: Weapons/Technology



Page nameDescription
Alt TechNew social media platforms.
Anti-Covid air technologyA genuine response to COVID, or just a cash grab?
Big Tech
BitcoinA cryptocurrency
CRISPR gene editingBreakthrough technology making gene editing easy and fast.
CarA means of transportation
Communications technology
Computation technology
Directed-energy weapon
DroneRemote controlled flying robots, used for a wide range of purposes by governments or private companies as they're getting banned throughout the world for personal use.
EncryptionA process of obscuring information so that it can only be read by a selected number of recipients.
FingerprintMarkers of human identity collected in huge government databases
Global control gridTo the ambitious megalomaniac, 21st century technology is not only very enticing but also becoming more so. To the deep politicians of the Deep State, money is no object, so a whole range of grand schemes for technological control are conceivable.
Graphics Processing Unit
High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program
LiFiLi-Fi, which stands for “light fidelity”, has the potential to be significantly faster than current WiFi systems and can turn everyday lamps into wireless internet access points.<a href="#cite_note-1">[1]</a>
Missile defense
MoneyMoney is an agreement within a community to use something standardized as medium of exchange
Nonviolent Communication
P2pIn a p2p network every participant is simultaneously server and client
Palantir TechnologiesCEO Alex Karp says: "Palantir is supporting Israel in every way we can"<a href="#cite_note-1">[1]</a>
Pharmaceutical drug
ProtonMailEmail and VPN server originally located in formally neutral Switzerland to avoid US/NATO surveillance or "information requests", but this has been hollowed out.
Schengen Information SystemThe database for handling the borders of the EU known under the Schengen agreement.
Strategic Defense Initiative
SubstackOnline platform that provides publishing, payment, analytics, and design infrastructure to support subscription newsletters.
Tunnel boring machine


Related Quotations

Theodore Kaczynski“[...] The Industrial Revolution has radically altered man's environment and way of life, and it is only to be expected that as technology is increasingly applied to the human body and mind, man himself will be altered as radically as his environment and way of life have been.”Theodore Kaczynski
Bruce Schneier“It is poor civic hygiene to install technologies that could someday facilitate a police state.”Bruce Schneier2000


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