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Tokyo has the largest metropolitan economy in the world.
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A city is generally an extensive human settlement with a sophisticated system of transport, communication, housing, sanitation, etc. Historically, city-dwellers have been a small proportion of humanity overall, but following two centuries of unprecedented and rapid urbanisation, roughly half of the world population now lives in cities and 68% is projected to live in urban areas by 2050.[1]

Agenda 21

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Cities and urbanisation are a focus point of the United Nations Agenda 21 plan.




Page nameLocationDescription
AachenSymbolic city for the European Union, venue for 1980 Bilderberg.
Abu DhabiCapital city of United Arab Emirates.
AmmanCapital and main city of Jordan.
AmsterdamCocaine distributor to all sides in World War 1. Led the European illegal drug trade from the 1970s.
AnkaraCapital of Turkey
AntwerpLarge port and oil refinery city, world center for the diamond trade.
AthensCapital and largest city of Greece.
BangkokThe capital city of Thailand.
BarcelonaPart of Spain and capital of Catalonia. The Spanish deep state is trying to block independence attempts.
BaselSwiss home to the BIS
BeijingThe capital of China.
BerlinCapital of Germany.
BogotáCapital of Colombia
BonnBefore Germany was re-united, this was the capital city of West Germany
BostonCapital and most populous city in Massachusetts, USA.
BrusselsBelgian capital, usually plays host to the Brussels Forum
BucharestEconomic and political capital of Romania
Buenos AiresPolitical, cultural and economic capital of Argentina.
CairoThe capital of Egypt
Cape Town
CopenhagenThe capital of Denmark
DallasCity in Texas forever linked to the assassination of JFK in 1963.
Deir al-ZorCity in eastern Syria, scene of a 2018 US/NATO airstrike to aid jihadist rebels besieging it.
DetroitA city in which car ownership is reportedly risky.
DubaiHas been ruled by the Al Maktoum family since 1833
DublinCapital and largest city of the Republic of Ireland
East Jerusalem
EdinburghSeventh most populous city in the UK and Capital of Scotland.
FlorenceHas had the same wealthiest families for 600 years
Fort HoodThe most populous U.S. military installation in the world, the number and particularly the type of crimes reported in and around the facility is suspicious and has the hallmarks of either a black site or quite a chaotic base.
FrankfurtFrankfurt is one of the major financial centers of the European continent.
GazaAn enclave of Palestine in the south west corner of Israel
HamburgNorth German city with deep state connections.
HelsinkiCapital and main city in Finland.
HilversumSmall city. Location of the murder of Pim Fortuyn and a hijacking of the NOS-building. HQ of most Dutch TV-broadcasters.
HoustonMost populous city in Texas, fourth-most populous city in the United States.
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