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Concept.png Emergency legislation

Emergency legislation is a key element in the politics of the deep state.

It was widely understood before 1900 that in war times special trained military strategists and nobility had to replace other forms of government deemed too slow and often termed "indecisive". The result was called dual state by historians (Ola Tunander), which manifests i.e. in secret clauses in NATO contracts. Such secret clauses are a common part of military pacts throughout history[citation needed].

With the rise of the nouveau rich, oligarchs and billionaires the concept of a "dual state" generalized: based on contempt for democracy ("They don't even know the budget" - Bill Gates) and self-esteem based on wealth, the super-rich thought of ways to establish a parallel power structure beyond traditional cartels, nobility and military.

Bold emergency legislation includes CoG planning and activation on 9-11 and COVID-19/Legislation. Also, it turns out, that so called "emergencies", unlike wars of past centuries, never stop once institutionalized.



Page nameDescription
"Continuity of Government"A plan for undermining and infiltrating government, activated by the US Deep state on 9-11
COVID-19/LegislationMany nation states have passed legislation rapidly advancing a police state with a titular connection to the coronavirus.
Climate change/Legislation
National Emergencies ActBasis for later coup d'état legislation and CoG activation
Patriot ActA legislative coup d'état
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