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(deep politician, spook)
Frank Wisner I.jpg
BornJune 23, 1909
DiedOctober 29, 1965 (Age 56)
Cause of death
ChildrenFrank Wisner II
Founder ofThe Georgetown Set
Member ofOffice of Strategic Services, Seven Society, The Georgetown Set
Victim ofPremature death
Perpetrator ofOperation Mockingbird
US deep politician, and an architect of Operation Mockingbird. Reportedly killed himself.

Employment.png CIA/Deputy Director for Plans Wikipedia-icon.png

In office
23 August 1951 - 1 January 1959
Preceded byAllen Dulles
Succeeded byRichard M. Bissell

Frank Gordon Wisner was a US deep politician. He founded the spooky social group which came to be known as The Georgetown Set (or the "Wisner Gang"[citation needed]).


Wisner was Head of the Office of Strategic Services operations in southeastern Europe at the end of World War II, head of the CIA's covert action arm, the Office of Policy Coordination from 1 September 1948 and the head of the Directorate of Plans of the Central Intelligence Agency during the 1950s. .[1] Later he worked for the Central Intelligence Agency, founding Operation Mockingbird.


Frank Wisner reportedly committed suicide with one of his son's shotguns on October 29, 1965.[2]


An event carried out

Operation MockingbirdOperation Mockingbird is a CIA covert operation that began in the 1950s and is a continuing manipulation and control of the media by the CIA.


Events Participated in

Bilderberg/198625 April 198627 April 1986Scotland
Gleneagles Hotel
The 34th Bilderberg, 109 participants
Operation Dark Winter22 June 200123 June 2001Washington DC
Andrews Air Force Base
An exercise where senior former officials would respond to a bioterrorist induced national security crisis. Uncannily predicted the 2001 anthrax attacks and other narratives. Held June 2001.


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