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(“terror expert”)
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Fred Burton is a US "terror expert". He is a contributor to US chat shows and Fox News, has written several books and spoken publicly on "terrorism".


Burton joined Stratfor in 2004, and rose to become vice president.


On 19 August 2011, in a widely circulated email published on Wikileaks[2], Fred Burton wrote:

"I would like to kill the terrorist al-Megrahi myself. I'm hunting for him on my own thru a few channels. If he can be found, I'll have him whacked."[3]

We can be sure that if Burton and friends had carried out an assassination they would have killed any witnesses including members of the Megrahi family who were continually at Baset’s bedside. Five days later on 24 August 2011, Chief Security Officer Fred Burton added:

“While the world is focusing on the chaos in Libya counterterrorism agents could take advantage of this window of opportunity to capture al-Megrahi. The symbolism of grabbing and bringing him back to stand trial in a US court would resonate around the world.”[4]

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