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2004 Madrid train bombings.jpg

In 2004, the Madrid train bombings failed to inflame the sentiment of the general public against Moslems or boost support for the Iraq War.

Madrid train bombings

Full article: 2004 Madrid train bombings

Bombs in Madrid, possibly in an effort to increase Spanish support for the War in Iraq. They seem to have failed in this respect.

Other news

Willem Matser, a senior NATO advisor who saw the Secretary General on a daily basis, was found guilty of forgery and fraud after his arrest along with Pietro Fedino on a $200,000,000 money laundering charge. The judge expressed sympathy for him and sentenced him to time served plus a 3 month suspended sentence.

Sibel Edmonds, founded the National Security Whistleblowers Coalition to facilitate whistleblowing.



Al-Yamamah arms dealSeptember 1985August 2006A complex series of multi billion dollar arms for oil deals set up under the government of Margaret Thatcher, involving a bunch of deep state arms dealers, and her son - who earned £12 million. Fines levied have been in the hundreds of millions, while kickbacks amount to billions.
Foster child drug trials19922004In the nightmarish, surreal world of pediatric clinical trials, infants, toddlers, children and teenagers in New York and around the United States are forced to ingest dangerous, toxic pharmaceuticals, arranged by the National Institutes of Health and Big Pharma.
International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda8 November 199431 December 2016
Saville Inquiry199824 March 2010An investigation into Bloody Sunday which left 14 people dead.
TOPOFF20002009A series of week long "counter-terrorism" exercises
Afghanistan/2001 Invasion7 October 200130 August 2021The war in Afghanistan, instigated within a month of 9/11, supposedly in retaliation, with the claimed justification - for which no evidence has been presented - that the attacks were planned by Ossama bin Laden, and that he was based in Afghanistan.
Cory Collusion InquiryMay 2002April 2004
David Kelly/Assassination/Hutton Inquiry1 August 200328 January 2004
CDC/MMR vaccine fraud2004Allegations of fraud by the CDC to cover up the connection between MMR vaccine and autism.
WEF/Annual Meeting/200421 January 200425 January 20042068 billionaires, CEOs and their politicians and "civil society" leaders met under the slogan Partnering for Prosperity and Security. "We have the people who matter," said World Economic Forum Co-Chief Executive Officer José María Figueres.
2004 Madrid train bombings11 March 200411 March 2004A Spanish equivalent of 7/7, targetting civilians and blamed on Al Qaeda
Operation Crevice30 March 200430 March 2004A raid launched in the UK on the so-called "fertiliser bomb plotters".
Bilderberg/20043 June 20046 June 2004The 52nd such meeting. 126 recorded guests
Le Cercle/2004 (Belgrade)17 June 200419 June 2004"A dinner held in Belgrade on 18 June 2004, "in honor of the “Le Cercle” conference taking place in Belgrade from 17th to 19th June."
Le Cercle/2004 (Washington)September 2004September 2004
Orange RevolutionNovember 2004January 20052004-05 colour revolution in the Ukraine
US/2004 Presidential Election8 November 20048 November 2004Bush vs Kerry (both Skull & Bones)
Saifullah Paracha v. George W. Bush8 December 200418 November 2008A habeas corpus petition filed on behalf of a prisoner of Guantanamo Bay.


New Groups

G4S Secure SolutionsG4S.svgCommercial
CIA contractor
A British/American multinational security services company with deep ties to the US government and military complex
IMANIGroup.pngThink tank
Sabre International SecurityGroup.pngA PMC which profited big in Iraq from the war and then vanished when the going was not good.
University of ManchesterArms of the University of Manchester.svgUK University
Iraqi National Intelligence ServiceGroup.pngIntelligence agency
Roehampton UniversityUniversity of Roehampton logo.pngConsists of four constituent colleges, became university in 2004
'Anonymous''anonymous'.jpgMultiple-use name
Virtual community
Voluntary association
UN/CTEDCTE.jpgUN "counter-terrorist" group actively engaged in censorship of what it terms "extremist" material
Palantir TechnologiesPalantir company logo.pngCommercialCEO Alex Karp says: "Palantir is supporting Israel in every way we can"<a href="#cite_note-1">[1]</a>
Transatlantic InstituteAJC TAI.pngThink tankIsrael lobby group angled mostly at European politicians.
Zoé's ArkArchedezoe.pngFrench charity organization which kidnapped 103 children in Africa for murky purposes. Ties to the family of President Nicolas Sarkozy.
Empower AmericaFreedomworks.pngUS libertarian advocacy group. Funded by the Koch brothers.
Omidyar NetworkOmidyar Network Logo.jpgFoundation owned by the the deep state-connected billionaire Pierre Omidyar, financing preferred NGOs
Shoebridge ConsultingShoebridge Consulting.png
Office for Judicial ComplaintsGroup.png
Office of the Director of National IntelligenceGroup.pngIntelligence agencyIts goal is as "to effectively integrate foreign, military and domestic intelligence in defense of the homeland and of United States interests abroad."
Atlantic InitiativeAtlantische Initiative.pngOne of the transatlantic influence networks in Germany.
Center for Islamic PluralismGroup.pngU.S.-based "moderate Muslim" think tank set up by Daniel Pipes and Zionist activist Stephen Schwartz. Defunct since 2021.
"National Counterterrorism Center"Group.pngIn 2004, succeeded the "Terrorist Threat Integration Center" ...
Unit 82008200 IDF insignia.pngAn Israeli NSA
Tikehau CapitalTikehau.jpgFinancial company with remarkable growth.
FacebookFacebook.svgThe world's most popular social network, with over 1,000,000,000 users in 2014.
AlhurraGroup.pngSatellite television network
"Independent Police Complaints Commission"Independent Police Complaints Commission (logo).svgA group interested in complaints about the UK police
National Extremism Tactical Coordination UnitNational Extremism Tactical Coordination Unit.jpgIntelligence agencyUK police intelligence agency interested in "extremism"
National Security Whistleblowers CoalitionNSWC.pngCoalition of more than 50 whistleblowers from US security agencies
High Council on Public Health (France)Logo Haut Conseil de la santé publique.pngResponsible for providing decision support to the Minister of Health. Its extraordinary recommendations have played a big role in the implementation of the Covid-19 deep event in France.


New Websites

MojeekMojeek logo2020.pnghttps://www.mojeek.comIndependent alternative search engine
Salem NewsSalem News.jpghttp://salem-news.com/Oregon based online newsgroup
On the ContraryHoffman-web.pnghttp://revisionistreview.blogspot.co.uk/Michael Hoffman's revisionist history web site and blog. Scrupulously researched Gentile scholarship on all matters Judaic
ISGPISGP01.jpgA thoroughly researched collection of articles which tell some important and generally untold stories, especially about the rich and powerful.
Moon of AlamabaMoon of alabama logo.jpghttp://moonofalabama.orgNamed as an outlet of "Russian Propaganda" by PropOrNot.
911 ReviewWebsite.pnghttp://911review.comA simple 9-11 website.
Guido FawkesWebsite.pnghttps://order-order.com/British political blog
The Gateway PunditThe Gateway Pundit.pnghttp://www.thegatewaypundit.com/The Gateway Pundit is an online news publication consisting of news, commentary and analysis.
Encyclopedia DramaticaEncyclopedia Dramatica.jpghttps://encyclopediadramatica.online/Main Page"Wikipedia's evil twin"


Groups that were Wound Up

University of Manchester Institute of Science and TechnologyGroup.pngMerged to the University of Manchester in 2004.
Victoria University of ManchesterCoat of Arms of the Victoria University of Manchester.pngEnglish university. Merged in 2004 with the University of Manchester.
Potchefstroom UniversityBuilding Potchefstroom University.jpgThe leadership of the university was part of the deep state Afrikaner Broederbond during the apartheid-era.
Banque WormsBanque Worms Logo.jpgInfluential French bank, especially at the beginning of the 20th century and during WW2. Major part of the deep state banking and industrial cartel the Synarchist movement
Rand Afrikaans UniversityRand Afrikaans University logo.pngUniversityApartheid deep politician Gerrit Viljoen was first rector.
Sandline InternationalDogs of War.jpgMilitary
Otpor!Group.pngExpert in astroturf colour revolution s
9-11/Commission911 commission seal.svgCover-upSet up over a year after the event, refused access to the president's daily briefings, not testified to under oath by Bush or Cheney, the 9/11 Commission was termed a "cover-up" by former member Max Cleland, who resigned. His replacement declared that 9/11 was "a 30 year conspiracy". Their first report did not mention WTC7.




TitleBornDiedPlace of deathCause of deathSummaryDescription
Hans Langemann19252004Whistleblower
Senior German intelligence agent who revealed the activities of Le Cercle.
Cecil de Strycker19152004Economist
Central banker
Deep state operative
Governor of the National Bank of Belgium (NBB) from 1975 until 1982.
William Geary18992004An Irish Nationalist and member of the Irish police force who became the victim of intrigues involving the British and Irish intelligence services arising from the Irish civil war.
Memduh Yaşa19192004Politician
Turkish academic
Athan Gibbs2004NashvilleCar crashActivistUS businessman who designed a a voting machine where the voter has an opportunity to verify that their vote has been received, recorded and counted. Died in suspicious car crash.
Bronson Tweedy2004Spook
Yossi Ginossar194612 January 2004JerusalemCancerSpookSenior spook who was used by three Israeli prime ministers as a back-channel envoy to the Palestinian leader
Kalevi Sorsa21 December 193016 January 2004Finland
PoliticianFinland’s longest serving prime minister
Stewart Steven30 September 193519 January 2004LondonJournalist
Printed "world exclusive" for Daily Express that Martin Bormann was living in South America. After 6 days the paper issued a retraction.
Olivier Guichard27 July 192020 January 2004France
SoldierFrench politician who attended the 1977 Bilderberg
Vasili Mitrokhin3 March 192223 January 2004LondonSpook
KGB defector forming basis of possible British intelligence disinformation operation the Mitrokhin archive.
Jack Sheinkman6 December 192629 January 2004Labor leaderUS Labor leader, Bilderberg/Steering committee, Quill and Dagger
Helge Seip5 March 191929 January 2004Politician
Kaúlza de Arriaga18 January 19152 February 2004LisbonAlzheimer's diseaseSoldier
Portuguese soldier politician who attended a November 1977 meeting of Le Cercle with his aide
Thomas Moorer9 February 19125 February 2004Maryland
MarinerHeaded up the Moorer Commission to investigate the USS Liberty incident. He concluded that the 1967 attack was a deliberate false flag attack
Claude Ryan26 January 19259 February 2004Montreal
Canadian politician
Ryszard Kukliński13 June 193011 February 2004Spook
Ryszard Jerzy Kukliński was a Polish colonel and Cold War spy for NATO.
John Killick18 November 191912 February 2004Diplomat
Deep state operative
Spooky UK diplomat
José López Portillo16 June 192017 February 2004Mexico
Mexico City
Mexican president who put country in unpayable debt trap. Later revealed to be CIA collaborator. Also escalated the supranational deep state drug trafficking.
Mary Ferrell26 October 192220 February 2004ResearcherIndependent researcher who created a large database on the John F. Kennedy assassination
Waggoner Carr1 October 191825 February 2004Texas
Travis County
Testified to the Warren Commission that Lee Harvey Oswald was on the FBI payroll
Boris Trajkovski25 June 195626 February 2004Bosnia and Herzegovina
Air disasterPolitician
Carlos Julio Arosemana24 August 19195 March 2004Ecuador
PoliticianEcuadorian president toppled in CIA-supported coup
Dullah Omar26 May 193413 March 2004Lawyer
Sivert Nielsen24 November 191617 March 2004Norway
A central player in Norwegian military and foreign policy in the decades after the WW2. Later Ambassador to UN. Attended the 1977 Bilderberg at end of active career.
Juliana Wilhelmina30 April 190920 March 2004Netherlands
Soestdijk Palace
Deep state operative
Sad (but not completely clean) wife of seemingly ruthless Prince Bernhard. Was silenced and blackmailed very early with her spooky connections by her own husband.
Peter Ustinov6 April 192128 March 2004Switzerland
John Diamond30 April 19073 April 2004Politician
Thomas Corbally25 March 192115 April 2004Spook
Sexual blackmail
Deep state operative
Norris McWhirter12 August 192519 April 2004Wiltshire
Kington Langley
Television presenter
Pat Tillman6 November 197622 April 2004AfghanistanGunshotA professional NFL American football player who joined the US army. His attiude
Des Warren10 October 193724 April 2004Construction workerTogether with Ricky Tomlinson, Des Warren received the stiffest sentences of the Shrewsbury 24.
Stig Synnergren25 February 191529 April 2004Sweden
Andrew Cavendish2 January 19203 May 2004Derbyshire
Melvin Lasky20 January 192019 May 2004Germany
JournalistUS journalist, intellectual, with suspected CIA ties
Milton Shulman1 September 191324 May 2004London
Canadian author, film and theatre critic based in the United Kingdom. In the early 1990s, Shulman supported OpJB and John Ainsworth-Davis as legitimate.
David Dellinger22 August 191525 May 2004Vermont
Umberto Agnelli1 November 193427 May 2004Italy
Agnelli family
Italian business magnate with multiple deep state connections including the Bilderberg Steering committee.
Eugenio Cefis21 July 192128 May 2004Italy
Deep state operative
Italian Deep state deep state operative. Founder of P2. 1965 Bilderberg
Samuel Dash27 February 192529 May 2004Academic
Member of the Watergate commission.
Ronald Reagan6 February 19115 June 2004Los Angeles
Bel Air
Deep state functionary
Actor turned deep state functionary. Lots of black operations happened during his presidency.
Steven Dedijer25 June 191113 June 2004Croatia
Francisco Ortiz Franco195422 June 2004Mexico
Baja California
GunshotJournalistMexican journalist assassinated within months of starting to write about drug trafficking.
Paul Klebnikov3 June 19639 July 2004Russia
US journalist who was shot dead for his reporting in Russia.
Laurence Rockefeller26 May 191011 July 2004Rockefeller family
Constantin Menges1 September 193911 July 2004US
Washington DC
Latin American specialist for the National Security Council and the Central Intelligence Agency. At RAND in the 1960s, he laid the foundations for the Reagan doctrine of support to insurgent groups to destabilize communist governments. Deeply involved in the support for the Nicaraguan contras. Nicknamed "Menges Khan", he attended Le Cercle in 1985.
Richard Chang13 July 2004FallingFinancier
Banker/Premature deaths
Abbey National financier who fell to his death in 2004
Klaus Jacobi12 November 192913 July 2004DiplomatSwiss diplomat with longstanding ties to the United States
Paul Foot8 November 193718 July 2004Author
Joe Cahill19 May 192023 July 2004Northern Ireland
Chief of Staff of the PIRA
... further results


A Birth

Scarlett Westbrook2004Activist
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