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(academic, 9-11 dissident)
Graeme MacQueen.jpg
Nova Scotia, Canada
Died25 April 2023 (Age 75)
Member of9/11 Consensus Panel
Interests • 9-11
• 2001 Anthrax attacks
• peace
• Buddhism
Canadian academic and 9-11 dissident who participated in the 9/11 Consensus Panel.
The Toronto Hearings on 9_11 from 2011

Professor Graeme MacQueen was a professor of religious studies at McMaster University, Ontario where he taught from 1974 to 2003.[1] He was also the founder and former Director of the Centre for Peace Studies at McMaster and a co-editor of the Journal of 9/11 Studies.[2]

MacQueen died of cancer on April 25, 2023.[3]


Graeme MacQueen published at 911 Blogger.[4] He was involved in the 2008 9-11 Truth conference[5] and a member of the 9/11 Consensus Panel.[6]


  • 2023 - The Pentagon’s B-Movie: Looking Closely at the September 2001 Attacks [7][8]
  • 2014 - The 2001 Anthrax Deception: The Case for a Domestic Conspiracy [9] ("a reasonably persuasive case that the Anthrax killings were intimately connected to the 9/11 attacks themselves" [10])
  • 2008 - Globalizing God: Religion, Spirituality and Peace with Johan V. Galtung
  • 2006 - Journey To The City Of Six Gates (a novel) [11]

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A Quote by Graeme MacQueen

9-11/Media response“The widely held belief that the Twin Towers collapsed as a result of the airplane impacts and the resulting fires is, unbeknownst to most people, a revisionist theory. Among individuals who witnessed the event firsthand, the more prevalent hypothesis was that the Twin Towers had been brought down by massive explosions.”8 July 2020AE911 Truth
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