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Over a dozen people due to testify at the HSCA suddenly died before they could do so.

Over a dozen people due to testify at the HSCA suddenly died before they could do so.[1][2][3]


Many low- and mid-level spooks assassinated just before they were due to testify. A few more senior ones died sudden and violent deaths which are widely believed related.



Page namePremature death dateCause of DeathDescription
Manuel Artime18 November 1977CancerA spook who died from cancer before he could testify the House Select Committee on Assassinations.
Sam Giancana19 June 1975Head of Chicago mafia
George de Mohrenschildt29 March 1977GunshotLee Harvey Oswald's handler, found dead after attempting to share some of what he knew with the media.
John Paisley24 September 1978GunshotA spook who died before he could testify in the HSCA.
William PawleyJanuary 1977GunshotUS diplomat who died from a gunshot to the head, possibly due to the HSCA hearings.
Francis Gary PowersAugust 1977Air disasterDied in a helicopter crash before he could testify to the HSCA/
Carlos Prio5 April 1977Suicide
Ex-Cuban president "suicided" before testifying before the House Select Committee on Assassinations
Johnny Roselli7 August 1976Mobster for the Chicago Outfit. Died just before the HSCA.


Related Quotation

Document:Fifty Years of the Deep State“Honest investigators within the HSCA were more or less on the trail of the conspirators in JFK's killing. Many individuals involved in the Coup of '63 were scheduled to testify before the HSCA. In order to prevent these actors from testifying, the death squads operated by the Cabal worked overtime. 21 people involved in the Coup who were subpoenaed to testify before the committee died under mysterious circumstances. Many died just before their scheduled testimony. For example, in 1977 seven senior FBI officials called to testify at the HSCA died within a six month period.”


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