Heinrich Böll Foundation

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Group.png Heinrich Böll Foundation  
HBF Logo.png
HeadquartersBerlin, Germany
InterestsGerman Green Party
Sponsor ofEuropean Leadership Network
Conduit for German government money to select opposition activists.

The Heinrich Böll Foundation is a German, formally independent political foundation. Affiliated with the German Green Party, it was founded in 1997 when three predecessors merged. The foundation was named after German writer Heinrich Böll (1917–1985).

The foundation, with headquarters in Berlin, operates impressively with 30 offices on four continents and has branches in each of Germany's 16 states.

It receives more than 60 Million Euros from the German government each year,[1] and it also does work and finances projects on behalf of the German deep state, especially the funding of select groups and individuals abroad as agents of influence. This is part of the broader Western effort, through hundreds of similar foundations, to hide the source of funding for projects that earlier would have been financed by the CIA.

Reduce freedom to create freedom

In June 2021, the Foundation published an essay entitled "Defending Plurality", but where the essay demanded the exact opposite. The Freiburg political scientist Karsten Schubert wrote:

The pluralization of science makes it necessary to redistribute resources in ways that reduce the freedom of the currently privileged in order to create freedom for all. This can be done through techniques criticized as 'political correctness': the decolonization of curricula, the systematic privileging of minority voices through inclusive conferences, or the implementation of inclusive language and employment policies in universities.[2]