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Capital of Germany.

Place.png Berlin

Berlin is the capital of Germany.


After WW2, each of the 4 occupying powers (France, UK, US and the USSR) took control of part of the city. Berlin Airlift.



Related Quotation

Bilderberg/1954“Americans saw that firm Western action in Persia, Berlin, and Korea had produced successful results and they therefore believed in continuing a firm policy.”1954



"The Storming of the Reichstag"Attempted false flag incident, where police agents provocateurs attempted to incite a small crowd of right wing protesters to storm Parliament, in an attempt to smear a larger COVID-dissident demonstration the same day.
2016 Berlin attackReported truck hijacking in Berlin attributed to ISIL.
Berlin Conference
La Belle discotheque bombingA bombing in West Berlin, blamed by the US on Libya.
Le Cercle/1997 (Berlin)Dates uncertain
Reichstag FireGenerally reckoned at the time to be a false flag attack, Hitler quickly seized upon the fire at the Reichstag to pass an "enabling act", ushering in full on totalitarian rule. In retrospect it may indeed have been the work of an isolated individual.
Security and Defence Learning/2005The first in a sequence of 8 annual conferences on "defence" and "security", chaired by Harold Elletson.
Security and Defence Learning/20062nd of a series of 8 spooky conferences
Security and Defence Learning/2007
Security and Defence Learning/2008
Security and Defence Learning/2009
Security and Defence Learning/2010A conference about training people for "defence" and "security" that featured at least 3 members of the Institute for Statecraft
Security and Defence Learning/2011
Security and Defence Learning/2012


Groups Headquartered Here

A Group Headquartered HereDescription
AFDRight wing populist party in Germany.
Alliance 90/The GreensThe green party of Germany. Originally anti-war, it is now the foremost war party in Europe. Also proponent of Covid-19 agenda. Now being positioned to government by the deep state.
Aspen Institute GermanyOne of the leading U.S. influence networks in Germany, making sure decisions are made behind closed doors.
Atlantic InitiativeOne of the transatlantic influence networks in Germany.
Atlantik-BrückeA long established and relatively public organ of the US to control German politics.
Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie
Die LinkeLeft wing populist party in Germany.
ESCP EuropePrivate business school
East GermanyFormer country in Europe.
European Council on Foreign RelationsShares members with the Integrity Initiative's Spanish Cluster
Free University of BerlinCreated as a Cold War showcase of Western freedom.
German Council on Foreign RelationsThink tank with deep state connections
German Federal Foreign OfficeThe German Foreign Ministry
German Institute for International and Security Affairs
Germany"The economic powerhouse of Europe" - Germany dominates the European Union.
Heinrich Böll FoundationConduit for German government money to select opposition activists.
Humboldt University of BerlinExperienced several drastic changes during the last century.
International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance
Robert Koch InstituteFederal agency charged with preventing disease outbreaks
StasiThe East German intelligence agency
Technical University of BerlinOne of the 4 Universities in Berlin, home to a few former top Nazi-officials.
Transparency International
University of PotsdamEmphasis today is still placed on teacher training.


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