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HeadquartersVenice (Florida), Florida, USA
Type• commercial
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OwnersRudi Dekkers
Florida spooky flying school with connections to both CIA drug trafficking and 9-11.

Huffman Aviation of Venice, Florida was a spooky flying school with connections to both CIA drug trafficking and 9-11.


Huffman Aviation was established in 1972 as Venice Flying Service, and was reorganized in 1987 and renamed as Huffman Aviation.[1] Huffman Aviation was purchased by Dutchman Rudi Dekkers in 1999.[2] At the time of purchase, the school had a fleet of 12 small aircraft.[2] Huffman offered private pilot, instrument rating, Commercial pilot, Multi-Engine Ratings and flight instructor training, but did not offer training on larger, jet aircraft.[3] More than 80% of the school's students were foreign nationals, following a marketing campaign designed to attract overseas students.[1]


Both Mohamed Atta and Marwan al-Shehhi attended the school, purportedly in order to learn how to fly small aircraft. According to the 9/11 Official narrative, this training was sufficient for to fly the larger planes used on that day.

Drug trafficking

Huffman Aviation has various ties to both the CIA and to drug trafficking.[4][5]


Related Quotations

Rudi Dekkers“Indications of the FBI’s “guilty knowledge” were widespread in the aftermath of the attack, including the widely-reported fact that the FBI was at Huffman Aviation with search warrants at 2.30 a.m. the night after the attack.

Now we have uncovered evidence indicating that the FBI was on the scene even earlier…

“How do you think the FBI got here (Huffman Aviation) so fast after the attack?” asked one Huffman Aviation insider. “They knew what was going on here. Hell, they were parked in a white van outside my house less than four hours after the buildings collapsed.”

“We heard that 16 of the 19 terrorists had been on Interpol’s Most Wanted list,” this aviation executive continued. “But early on I gleaned that these guys had Government protection. They were let into this country for a specific purpose. It was a business deal.” A “Green Light” from the DEA

The new information adds to long-standing suspicions of drug trafficking held by aviation observers at the Venice Airport, who more than six months ago told us the Hilliard/Dekkers operation had a ‘green light’ from the DEA at the Venice Airport.

“The local Venice Police Department (which mounted round-the-clock patrols at the Airport after Sept.11) were warned to leave them alone,” said one aviation executive at the time.

Further evidence of sinister currents swirling around the Venice Airport includes testimony from eyewitnesses indicating that Rudi Dekkers was in trouble with the DEA while still located at the Naples Airport in the mid-1990’s.

The notion of a Federal “hands-off” policy towards the Venice operation also helps explain a suspicious circumstance which has provoked much speculation in the local aviation community…

How did ‘ Magic Dutch Boy’ Rudi Dekkers, whose various businesses have all been utter and abject failures, manage to live in a $2.5 million mansion in a private gated community?”
Daniel Hopsicker
Rudi Dekkers
Rudi Dekkers“A few months ago Rudi wanted to visit, drink some beers. But he never showed up. He said over the phone 'I've never been so poor in my life'. I saw him making beautiful trips to South America and Middle America. In light of recent developments, maybe you need to place questions at that.”Rudi Dekkers
Arne Kruithof
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