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(drug trafficker, author, businessman, deep state operative?)
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BornJuly 27, 1956
Apeldoorn, Netherlands
DiedApril 13, 2024 (Age 67)
The Philippines
NationalityNetherlands, American
Criminal charge
Conspiracy to posses with the intent to distribute cocaine and heroin
Criminal status
Owner ofHuffman Aviation
Owner of the 9/11-linked Huffman Aviation flight school, also with strong links to drug trafficking.

Rudi Dekkers was the Dutch-American owner of the Huffman Aviation flight school, with strong links to drug trafficking.


Dekkers grew up in a poor family in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and moved to Spain when he was quite young, before moving to Florida in 1993.


Dekkers was named in an article by Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad as someone with the attitude "rules are for others" with the only rule in life for Dekkers being "what can you get away with?" About his money laundering and tax evasion case Dekkers remarked to not feel guilt and to have "earned a lot from it".[1]

Dutch conviction

Dutch prosecutors called his 1993 conviction in the Netherlands for embezzlement "the handiwork of organized crime."[2]

Sexual harassment

On August 23, 2001, a former female employee initiates a suit to enforce the settlement of a charge of “severe” sexual harassment by Dekkers. Huffman Aviation earlier agreed to pay her $15,000 in return for her not suing them, but refused later on to do so.[3]


"In some amorphous un-named organization, and at vastly different levels, Jeffrey Epstein and Rudi Dekkers appear to me to have worked for the same—or at any rate similar—organization, one plagued regularly with outbreaks of sexual harassment, and worse" according to Daniel Hopsicker. A loose network involving German pilot Wolfgang Bohringer, billionaire Czech financier Viktor Kozeny, US Senator George Mitchell and Marwan Al-Shehhi. The individuals appear to have come into the spotlight by connections made clear after Nicole Antini - who sued Dekkers in the assault charge - ignored an alleged NDA clause and talked to Hopsicker. Hopsicker got confirmation that former boyfriend Amanda Keller of Atta was also present in the flight school and knew of the alleged acts of rape and abuse in the flight school stimulated by "broke, but coked up Muslim men" alongside people like Bohringer, described as close friends. [4]


After 9/11, Rudi Dekkers, by some reports a friend of Mohammad Atta who spent a lot of time with him,[5] described him in vague and distant terms, as merely another pupil of his flight school. "My personal feeling was Atta was an asshole first class".[6] Dekkers was - by his own account - pressured by the Department of Transportation to "resign immediately" following the attacks or face cancellation of any flight tickets he had or would've purchased, saying he was used as a scapegoat, calling accusations of him being an operative, CIA-Agent or extradited by the INS all "nonsense-stories". Dekkers raised questions at the FBI-accusations asking "why get a license? It's a license to fly, not to kill." Dekkers remarked the flight simulators were sufficient for Atta to fly. Dekkers had $12million in assets and sold everything for a penny on the dollar, and closed the school in 2002.

Cabal protection?

“Indications of the FBI’s “guilty knowledge” were widespread in the aftermath of the attack, including the widely-reported fact that the FBI was at Huffman Aviation with search warrants at 2.30 a.m. the night after the attack.

Now we have uncovered evidence indicating that the FBI was on the scene even earlier…

“How do you think the FBI got here (Huffman Aviation) so fast after the attack?” asked one Huffman Aviation insider. “They knew what was going on here. Hell, they were parked in a white van outside my house less than four hours after the buildings collapsed.”

“We heard that 16 of the 19 terrorists had been on Interpol’s Most Wanted list,” this aviation executive continued. “But early on I gleaned that these guys had Government protection. They were let into this country for a specific purpose. It was a business deal.” A “Green Light” from the DEA

The new information adds to long-standing suspicions of drug trafficking held by aviation observers at the Venice Airport, who more than six months ago told us the Hilliard/Dekkers operation had a ‘green light’ from the DEA at the Venice Airport.

“The local Venice Police Department (which mounted round-the-clock patrols at the Airport after Sept.11) were warned to leave them alone,” said one aviation executive at the time.

Further evidence of sinister currents swirling around the Venice Airport includes testimony from eyewitnesses indicating that Rudi Dekkers was in trouble with the DEA while still located at the Naples Airport in the mid-1990’s.

The notion of a Federal “hands-off” policy towards the Venice operation also helps explain a suspicious circumstance which has provoked much speculation in the local aviation community…

How did ‘ Magic Dutch Boy’ Rudi Dekkers, whose various businesses have all been utter and abject failures, manage to live in a $2.5 million mansion in a private gated community?”
Daniel Hopsicker [7]

When independent journalist Daniel Hopsicker asked Sergeant Mike Treanor of Venice Police (who he has termed "an honest local cop"), whether Rudi Dekkers had ever been arrested, he learnt that “The FBI took all our files, everything. They loaded the files right outside this window, into two Ryder trucks, then drove them onto a C-130 military cargo plane at the Sarasota airport, which took off for Washington with Jeb Bush aboard”. Remarkable in itself, this is especially interesting since Hopsicker reports that the files never arrived at FBI HQ, indicative of a clean-up operation by deep political forces.[8]

Guilty By Association

"The Untold Story of Rudi Dekkers"

Dekkers told his version of events in a book, Guilty By Association - The Untold Story of Rudi Dekkers which describes "the authentic journey Rudi unwittingly took with September 11 hijackers, Mohamed Atta and Marwan Al-Shehhi before they embarked on their fateful mission".[9] Vaguely detailed in the book is his work at his flight school; while claiming plausible deniability about almost all operations in the flight school, Dekkers remarked he lured Mohammed Atta and Marwan Al-Shehhi specifically by giving the two an amount of time in his hyper sportscar for the amount of gas they'd buy.[10][11] Dekkers his book was promoted at a TEDx talk by himself in Harderwijk, Netherlands in April of 2020[12].


A quite vindictive interview with Dekkers. Among his claims are; Atta left a plane at a Miami airport failing to start it which caused Dekkers to kick him from the school and he suspects he was the target of an assassination.

Drug trafficking

Upon research by a Dutch journalist, Dekkers was found in 2011 in Florida. Dekkers appeared depressed with a tawny look, the bank repossessed his house, jobless, illegally tapping electricity, living on stamps eating only once per day, being hunted by bailiffs to take his car, biting off his nails constantly, being in the middle of a divorce and having an expired visa.[13]

On 4th December 2012, Rudi Dekkers was arrested in the parking lot of a flight school in Houston in early December carrying a suitcase stuffed with two pounds of heroin and more than 80 lbs of cocaine. He was charged on 4 counts, together with Rogelio Martinez-Flores. On February 7, 2013 the judge issued an "Order on a Sealed Motion."[14] The case[15] was still in process as of December 31, 2013.[16][17] Dekkers pled guilty to one count June 18, 2013.

Dekkers is quoted by Daniel Hopsicker as telling an undercover agent "I’ve been a drug pilot for years. Drugs. Money. No problem. What do you need?".[14] The agent summarises this in his affidavit, that Dekkers admitted that he was "involved in narcotics transportation using private aircraft and that he has flown narcotics and currency previously without any problem."[18]

On April 11, 2019, Dutch authorities arrested Dekkers at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol with 118 swallowed scoops of cocaine. He was sentenced to seven months in prison, two of which were suspended, but fled during a furlough abroad. He returned to the country in June 2022 and was ordered by a court to serve the two months probation for coke smuggling, plus a month that he has not served due to his flight.[19]

Arne Kruithof - who's flight school trained Siad Al Jarrah - survived a suspicious heavy plane crash as well in 2002. Kruithof was noted in 2012 to be one of the few people still in contact with Dekkers, mostly over Facebook.

“A few months ago Rudi wanted to visit, drink some beers. But he never showed up. He said over the phone 'I've never been so poor in my life'. I saw him making beautiful trips to South America and Middle America. In light of recent developments, maybe you need to place questions at that.”
Arne Kruithof (2012)  [20]


After "escaping" long jail sentences for his drug flights and 9/11-involvement, Dekkers started a career as a speaker over the world. His most recent documentary became a hit on steaming platforms in the Netherlands. In the documentary it is claimed the FBI cleared his name internally, and secretly followed up on his claims, which even helped locate Osama bin Laden. The FBI concluded in their report, Dekkers had no intent in organizing 9-11 on purpose, quietly ignoring the dozens files of footage of Dekkers admitting to willingly partake in international drug trafficking.[21]

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