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(author, spook, journalist)
Ian Fleming.jpg
Born28 May 1908
Mayfair, London, England
Died12 August 1964 (Age 56)
Royal St. Georges Golf Club, Canterbury, UK
Cause of death
Heart Failure
Parents • Valentine Fleming
• Evelyn St. Croix Rose
ChildrenCaspar Robert Fleming
SpouseAnne Geraldine Charteris
Founder ofJames Bond
Member ofClermont Set

Ian Lancaster Fleming' was a UK spook, author and journalist. He achieved fame by creating the fictional UK spook, 'James Bond' after his novels were turned into films. John Ainsworth-Davis writes in Op JB that he and Fleming were involved in a UK military project entitled "Operation James Bond" to rescue Martin Borman from Germany at the end of WWII. "He was a womaniser of out­rageous ­proportions".[1]


His father, Valentine Fleming was an M.P.[2] and his brother, Peter Fleming was a member of the Bullingdon Club.

Operation James Bond

Full article: Operation James Bond

In his lifetime, Fleming is not known to have spoken publicly about this. The only[citation needed] evidence of his involvement in it (or indeed, of its very existence) is provided in the writings of John Ainsworth-Davis, which he contends are non-fiction - most especially Op JB. This provides some useful reports about Fleming which could be compared with the documents and testimony that exist about his life.

Family life

Fleming created the story Chitty Chitty Bang Bang for his son, with whom he and his wife had a troubled relationship. His son was precious, weapons obsessed and died from a drug overdose.[1]


Fleming is remembered as an author, especially for his fictional character 'James Bond'. His background in naval intelligence remains obscure.

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