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(spook, deep state actor)
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BornJames Walter McCord Jr.
Waurika, Oklahoma, U.S.
Alma materBaylor University, George Washington University
A watergate burglar, CIA, FBI


James W. McCord was born in Waurika, Oklahoma, on 26th January, 1924. He graduated from George Washington University.


After graduating, he joined the Federal Bureau of Investigation. During WW2, he may have worked in "a special intelligence operation against German spies in the United States (1942-43)".[1] From 1943 to 1945 he was in the US Army Air Corps.

In 1948 McCord rejoined the FBI as a special agent in San Diego and San Francisco.


McCord joined the Physical Security Division of the CIA in 1951. In 1962 he became a CIA senior security officer in Europe, liaising closely with MI5 in England. Later he was given responsibility for physical security of Langley CIA headquarters. He reportedly retired from the CIA in August, 1970.

Own companies

After leaving the CIA he set up a security consulting firm, McCord Associates, in Rockville, Maryland and also Security International, "a company that provided security systems and services".[1]


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He was involved, as an electronics expert, in the burglaries which precipitated the Watergate coup.[1] In the Watergate criminal trial he was found guilty on eight counts of conspiracy, burglary and wiretapping. Bernard Fensterwald worked as his lawyer in the case.