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American activist conducting "Legal Campaigns," a hybrid of lawsuits and grassroots, networked activism.

Jenifer "Tangerine' Bolen is an American activist.

Own words

She is the founder of RevolutionTruth. She is unwavering in her commitment to decreasing oppression, increasing liberty and ensuring just and equitable systems. She has a background in integrative medicine and health policy and a passion for truth, integrity and functioning democracies.

RevolutionTruth conducts "Legal Campaigns," a hybrid of lawsuits and grassroots, networked activism in order to take on powerful entities - be they governments or corporations - to help protect and restore power to the people. RevolutionTruth is committed to preserving our rights, our liberty, and the freedom to determine our lives. We work with you - people from all walks of life and political stripes - to collapse the dualities designed to divide us and combat injustice.


Legal Case

Hedges v. ObamaDaniel Ellsberg
Chris Hedges
Noam Chomsky
Jenifer Bolen
Kai Wargalla
Birgitta Jónsdóttir
Alexa O'Brien
Barack Obama
Leon Panetta
John McCain
John Boehner
Harry Reid
Eric Cantor
Nancy Pelosi
US Department of Defense
Mitch McConnell
United States of America
13 January 201228 April 2014The plaintiffs challenged the 2012 NDAA contending that indefinite detention on "suspicion of providing substantial support" to groups such as al-Qaeda and the Taliban was so vague as to allow unconstitutional, indefinite detention of civilians based on vague allegations. The Court of Appeals struck down an initial agreement, and the US Supreme Court concurred, arguing that the plaintiffs could not prove they would be affected by the law, so had no standing to contest it.
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