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(academic, researcher, author)
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Religion Islam
Member of American Herald Tribune
Interests • “9-11/Israel did it”
• “War on Terror”
• False flag attacks

Dr. Kevin Barrett is a vocal proponent of the theory that Israelis were involved in 9-11. He founded the the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth.


Dr. Barrett has a Ph.D in Arabic studies.


He is an insightful commentator on the "War on Terror" and deep political purposes behind it.[1] He was quick to denounce Richard Gutjahr on the Veterans Today website.[2]

He told PressTV in 2015 that the "Truth about 9/11 would take down the US as a global empire".[3]


A Quote by Kevin Barrett

Methodical Illusion“Rebekah Roth's Methodical Illusion is both an entertaining page-turner and an important historical document. Like Philip Zelikow's 9/11 Commission Report, Roth's book is a work of fiction. But unlike Zelikow's novel, Methodical Illusion reveals rather than conceals the truth about 9/11.”