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Named as an outlet of "Fake News" by PropOrNot.

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Founder: Ron Unz

In its own words:
"The Unz Review: An Alternative Media Selection: A Collection of Interesting, Important, and Controversial Perspectives Largely Excluded from the American Mainstream Media."

Members: Ron Unz,  Gilad Atzmon,  Kevin Barrett,  Robert Bonomo,  Pat Buchanan,  Patrick Cockburn,  Jonathan Cook,  John Derbyshire,  Linh Dinh,  Guillaume Durocher,  Bonnie Faulkner,  Eamonn Fingleton,  Norman Finkelstein,  Philip Giraldi,  Paul Gottfried,  C.J. Hopkins,  Michael Hudson,  JayMan,  Trevor Lynch,  Eric Margolis,  Ilana Mercer,  Ron Paul,  James Petras,  Ted Rall,  Fred Reed,  Paul Craig Roberts,  The Saker,  Israel Shamir,  James Thompson,  Andre Vltchek,  Mike Whitney,  Razib Khan,  Gustavo Arellano,  Alexander Cockburn,  Tom Engelhardt,  Sam Francis,  Peter Frost,  W. Patrick Lang,  Peter Lee,  Andrew Napolitano,  Robert Scheer,  Joseph Sobran,  Michael Hoffman,  Alan Sabrosky


Known members

25 of the 44 of the members already have pages here:

Gilad AtzmonJazz saxophonist, novelist, political activist and writer - mainly on the subjects of Israel and Judaic power
Kevin BarrettAn academic and 9-11/Dissident.
Robert BonomoBlogger, novelist and esotericist.
Pat BuchananAmerican Conservative author, syndicated columnist, and television commentator.
Alexander CockburnLeftist journalist with a sense of humor and diverse range of opinions. A great read.
Patrick Cockburn
Jonathan CookUK journalist based in Nazareth, Israel, since 2001.
Linh DinhLinh Dinh writes for The Unz Review.
Tom EngelhardtEditor of, a website critical of US foreign policy, but not touching deep politics much.
Bonnie Faulkner
Norman Finkelstein
Philip GiraldiCIA/DIA spook and “terrorism expert”
Michael HoffmanNotable revisionist historian and Gentile scholar of Judaism and 'The Cryptocracy'
Michael Hudson
W. Patrick Lang
Eric MargolisUS/Canadian journalist who touches on deep subjects
Ron PaulUS politician who "almost certainly never was a totally independent player"
James PetrasHis decades of writing has focused on social justice, anti-imperialism, Latin-America,Zionism and similar subjects. He is not afraid to touch on the deeper machinations of empire.
Fred ReedCommentator who writes about the decline of the American Empire.
Paul Craig RobertsA former US establishment insider who became an independent journalist
Alan SabroskyFormer Director of Studies at the United States Army War College's Strategic Studies Institute, a 9-11 dissident.
'The Saker'Pseudonym of Andrei Raevsky, an ex-patriot Russian domiciled in Florida
Israel Shamir
Ron UnzPublisher of The Unz Review.
André VltchekAndre Vltchek is a philosopher, novelist, filmmaker and investigative journalist.


Documents sourced from The Unz Review

TitleTypeSubject(s)Publication dateAuthor(s)Description
Document:A Freedom Fighter to His Last BreathObituaryRobert Faurisson24 October 2018Michael Hoffman
Document:Destroying SyriaArticleSyria
Bashar al Assad
Donald Trump
23 January 2018Philip GiraldiFormer CIA officer Philip Giraldi says the United States has zero evidence on the Syrian conflict. Someone should remind the President that similar scenarios did not turn out very well in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya.
Document:Israel Goes to Court for the Crime of GenocideArticleIsrael
International Court of Justice
Israel/Nuclear Weapons
Occupied Palestinian Territory
Genocide Convention
12 January 2024Philip GiraldiThe plan by America’s “best friend” and “closest ally” to nuke the world even has a name: the “Samson Option,” recalling how the Biblical strongman Samson brought down the temple where the Philistines were mocking him, killing thousands of them.
Document:Israel's International ConspiracyArticleBritain Israel Communications and Research Centre
Conservative Friends of Israel
George H. W. Bush
Margot Wallström
9 February 2016Philip GiraldiWherever one goes – Western Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Statesthere is a well-organised and funded lobby ready, willing and able to go to war to protect Israel.
Document:Japan as an American Client StatearticleThe Great Game
28 September 2014Karel van WolferenHow the US secured "Regime-Change" in response to the September 2009 DPJ upset to post WWII Japanese subservience.
Document:Russia-US Conventional Military BalancearticleNATO
US Military
24 July 2015'The Saker'Further thoughts on the US-Russia conventional military balance in light of continuing NATO sabre-rattling around Russia's western/southern borderlands
Document:The Dog That Didn't BarkArticleIran
Saudi Arabia
Ali Khamenei
Mohammed bin Salman
30 November 2017Israel ShamirThe Jared Kushner-Mohammed bin Salman peace plan for Palestine is likely to misfire, as have all MBS plans, from pressuring Qatar to vanquishing Yemen. A lot of blood and a lot of money will flow, adding to miseries in the Middle East and elsewhere. The only satisfaction is that now you know who owns the dog that did not bark.
Document:The Meaning of the US Saber-Rattling at the Borders of RussiaarticleNATO
US Military
18 July 2015'The Saker'Some thoughts on the Russia - NATO military balance in light of NATO posturing, excercises and sabre-rettling around Russia's wetern and southern borders
Document:The People Who Were Burned to Ashes on Ash WednesdayarticleDresden
Dresden/1945 Fire-bombing
13 February 2018Michael HoffmanWritten to mark the 73rd anniversary of the destruction of Dresden. It juxtaposes one of the many real Allied holocausts (destruction and slaughter by fire) of WWII with alleged German atrocities. It also illustrates the moral cowardice of Churchill in seeking to deflect blame for what, by any reasonable standards of behavior in warfare, was a totally unnecessary and unconscionable attack when the war was already all but over.
File:Horror in Beirut by Philip Giraldi.pdfarticleLebanon
Beirut blast
11 August 2020Philip GiraldiWas it an accident or a warning?
File:The Luftl Report.pdfreport"The Holocaust"
Extermination gas chambers
1992Walter LüftlAn Austrian Engineer's Report on the 'Gas Chambers' of Auschwitz and Mauthausen. It concludes that the Official Narrative claims are technically impossible.
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