Learned helplessness

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Concept.png Learned helplessness 
(dumbing down,  deception,  conditioning)Rdf-icon.png
Techniques applicable to running a deep state

Learned helplessness is a psychological process whereby people internalise their inability to help themselves.


John Taylor Gatto used to recount how he was impressed by the owner of a flea circus, who explained what he referred to as the "trapped flea principle". Fleas trapped under a glass lid would try to jump out, but hit themselves on the lid. After a certain experience of trying to escape, they would eventually resign themselves to theeir incarceration and give up their painful attempts to gain freedom, even after the removal of the lid. Gatto used this as a metaphor for the schooling process, likening school discipline as the lid. He reported that it took 2-3 years to break most kids' wills to resist the system of mass compulsion schooling.


An example

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