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(author, journalist)
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Alma materUCL/Goldsmiths’ College, London School of Economics
Founder/Owner ofMark Curtis' Website
InterestsUK/Foreign policy

Mark Curtis is a British author, journalist and researcher specialising in international affairs, Trade and UK-US foreign policy.


He is a graduate of Goldsmiths’ College, University of London and the London School of Economics.


Curtis is a former Research Fellow at the Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House) and Director of the World Development Movement. [1] He is currently (2011) an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Strathclyde and has been Visiting Research Fellow at the Institut Francais des Relations Internationales, Paris and the Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Auswartige Politik, Bonn.

Alongside his work as an analyst of British foreign policy, Curtis has worked in the field of international development for 18 years, including as Head of Global Advocacy and Policy at Christian Aid[2] and Head of Policy at ActionAid [3].


Curtis has written six books and numerous articles on British and US foreign policies and international development and trade issues. His most recent books are:

  • ISBN 1846687632 Secret Affairs: Britain’s Collusion with Radical Islam (Serpent’s Tail, 2010)
  • ISBN 0099469723 Unpeople: Britain’s Secret Human Rights Abuses (Vintage, 2004)
  • ISBN 0099448394 Web of Deceit: Britain’s Real Role in the World, (Vintage, 2003)
  • ISBN 0904379493 Trade for Life: Making Trade Work for Poor People (Christian Aid, 2001)
  • ISBN 0745312349 The Great Deception: Anglo-American Power and World Order (Pluto, 1998)
  • ISBN 1856493482 The Ambiguities of Power: British Foreign Policy since 1945 (Zed, 1995).


Documents by Mark Curtis

TitleDocument typePublication dateSubject(s)Description
Document:Covert War in Indonesia 1957-58book extract12 February 2007Indonesia
Document:Assange Judge is 40-year "good friend" of Minister who orchestrated his arrestArticle2 December 2021Julian Assange
Alan Duncan
William Hague
Wafic Saïd
Lenín Moreno
David Ross
Ian Burnett
Julian Assange’s fate lies in the hands of an Appeal Judge who is a close friend of Sir Alan Duncan - the former Foreign Office minister who called Assange a “miserable little worm” in Parliament
Document:Britain and the Muslim Brotherhoodbook extract18 December 2010Muslim Brotherhood
UK/Foreign Policy
Suez Canal
Document:British Intervention in British Guiana 1953book extract12 February 2007Guyana
Document:Covert War in Yemen 1962-70book extract13 February 2007Yemen
Document:Depopulation of the Chagos Islands 1965-73book extract12 February 2007Chagos Archipelago
Chagos Archipelago/Depopulation
Document:Iraq’s attack on the Kurds 1963-65book extract12 February 2007Iraq
Iraqi Kurds
Document:Nigeria war over Biafrabook extract13 February 2007Nigeria
C. Odumegwu Ojukwu
Document:Slaughter in Indonesia 1965-66book extract12 February 2007Indonesia
Document:The Coup in Iran 1953book extract12 February 2007Iran/1953 coup d'état
Document:The Mau Mau War in Kenya 1952-60book extract12 February 2007Kenya
Mau Mau Uprising
Document:The Pinochet Coup in Chilebook extract12 February 2007Augusto Pinochet
Chile/1973 coup d'état
UK/Foreign Policy
Salvador Allende
Document:The Rise of Idi Amin in Ugandabook extract13 February 2007Uganda
Idi Amin
Document:The US war in Vietnam 1961-75book extract13 February 2007Vietnam War
Document:The War in Malaya 1948-60book extract13 February 2007Malaysia
Document:War in Oman 1957-59book extract12 February 2007Oman


A Quote by Mark Curtis

Sky“A study by Declassified, covering 203 articles written by Deborah Haynes, Alistair Bunkall and Dominic Waghorn, has found that Sky routinely amplifies the views of the UK government in its military and foreign policies and provides almost no serious attempts to independently scrutinise or criticise them... Two of the reporters, Haynes and Bunkall, offered no serious critical coverage of UK military or foreign policies or the human rights abuses committed, by offered no serious critical coverage of UK military or foreign policies or the human rights abuses committed by Britain’s close allies, such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Israel, which all receive substantial UK military and other support. Waghorn’s articles offered only very occasional critical coverage. In Sky’s written outputs, British government officials and their claims are routinely quoted favourably, with little or no independent commentary, context, or qualifications provided by the journalists.”1 February 2021Global Research
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