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Location Kenya AU Africa.svg
Flag of Kenya.svg
Capital cityNairobi
Typenation state
Interest ofDavid Gordon
Member ofAfrican Union, Commonwealth of Nations, International Criminal Court, Organisation of African Unity, UN
Former UK colony in East Africa

Kenya is nation state in East Africa.



"Kenya also introduced far-reaching “vaccine certificates”, despite a very high infection rate and a very low vaccination rate."[1]


In August 2023 "in a press release, the Communications Authority of Kenya says it’s going to evaluate Worldcoin due to a “lack of clarity on the security and storage” of the iris scans it’s collecting as well as the “uncertainty” surrounding the attached cryptocurrency. It also takes issue with Worldcoin offering people incentives to get their irises scanned."[2]

CIA surrogate force

The CIA has set up a covert paramilitary squad known as the Rapid Response Team (RRT). Nominally part of Kenya's paramilitary General Service Unit’s Recce Company', it is effectively run as a CIA surrogate force. The RRT special squad was itself created in 2004, but the CIA's relationship to the Recce Company dates to at least the 1980s. The RRT is guided on tactical operations by the CIA’s paramilitary Special Activities Center.[3]

RRT works with the US intelligence agency on counter-terrorism, including renditions and kill-capture operations. RRT paramilitaries, who are trained in the United States, use covert tactics such as disguising themselves as aid workers on operations in Kenya's refugee camps. The RRT sets out to kill or capture targets, largely provided by the CIA and Kenya's National Intelligence Service, but also Britain's MI6.[3]


Related Quotation

Seymour Hersh“But one of the things we did, ostensibly to improve the conditions of prisoners, we demanded that the American soldiers operating in Afghanistan could only hold a suspected Taliban for four days, 96 hours. If not... after four days they could not be sure that this person was not a Taliban, he must be freed. Instead of just holding them and making them Taliban, you have to actually do some, some work to make the determination in the field. Tactically, in the field. So what happens of course, is after three or four days, "bang, bang" — I'm just telling you — they turn them over to the Afghans and by the time they take three steps away the shots are fired. And that's going on. It hasn't stopped. It's not just me that's complaining about it. But the stuff that goes on in the field, is still going on in the field — the secret prisons, absolutely, oh you bet they're still running secret prisons. Most of them are in North Africa, the guys running them are mostly out of Djibouto [sic]. We have stuff in Kenya (doesn't mean they're in Kenya, but they're in that area).”Seymour HershJanuary 2011



1998 United States embassy bombingsA pair of simultaneous explosions in Kenya and Tanzania, blamed on Al Qaeda.
Mau Mau UprisingA Kenyan independence movement in the 1950s that faced brutal opposition by the UK.





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Ibrahim ElbadawiAfrican Economic Research Consortium/Research Director19931998


Citizens of Kenya on Wikispooks

Stephen Karanja29 April 2021Kenyan doctor who loudly said Covid-19 experimental vaccines "should not be given". Reportedly died a month later from "COVID complications".
Uhuru Kenyatta26 October 1961President of Kenya from 2013 to 2022
Wahome Ngare


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Document:The Mau Mau War in Kenya 1952-60book extract12 February 2007Mark Curtis
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