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LeaderPresident of Uganda
Typenation state
Interest ofHugh Fraser
Member ofCommonwealth of Nations, International Criminal Court, Organisation of African Unity, UN
Former UK colony in East Africa

Uganda is a nation state in Africa.

Views on torture

According to the Pew Research Center over 3/4 Ugandans surveyed in 2015 considered that torture was acceptable if used on suspected terrorists - the only country in the world in which this was the case.[1]


Citizens of Uganda on Wikispooks

Milton AllimadiFounder/editor of Black Star News, which broke the news of Sunny Sheu's murder.
Idi Amin
Vincent BagiireWEF/YGL who as ICT permanent secretary in Uganda in May 2020 worked to "ensure the public is given the right information" about Covid.
Winnie Byanyima13 January 1959WEF appointed executive director of UNAIDS in 2019, WEF/GLT/1996


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