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Alumni on Wikispooks

Anthony Blunt26 September 190726 March 1983UKSpook
British art historian and Soviet spy. Member of the Cambridge Five
Robert Brand30 October 187823 August 1963USBanker
Deep politician
Leader of the Milner Group from 1940
Rab Butler9 December 19028 March 1982
Bill Newton Dunn3 October 1941UKUK MEP
Vicky Ford21 September 1967UKPoliticianA member of the European Parliament
Alastair Goodlad4 July 1943PoliticianBritish Conservative politician who was Chief Whip of the House of Commons from 1995 to 1997 and British High Commissioner to Australia from 2000 to 2005
Daniel Hannan1 September 1971UKPoliticianConservative Party MEP
Christopher Hogg2 August 1936UKBusinesspersonDouble Bilderberg UK chairman of Reuters, later big pharma exec.
Robin Janvrin20 September 1946UKPolitician
Queen's Private Secretary, HSBC etc.
Ghislaine Maxwell25 December 1961UKSpook
Deep state operative
Long term associate of Jeffrey Epstein. Disappeared in 2019. Arrested in July 2020. Sentenced 2022.
Ian Maxwell1956UKSpook
Kevin Maxwell1959UKSpook
Norris McWhirter12 August 192519 April 2004UKAuthor
Television presenter
Mark Reckless6 December 1970UKA former Conservative MP who defected to UK Independence Party
Clive Rose15 September 192117 April 2019Diplomat
Deep state actor
British diplomat and right wing networker with an interest in countering "civil emergencies"
Angus TavernerJuly 1957UKSoldier
Peter Tennant29 November 191022 December 1996UKDiplomat
Deep politician
Deep state operative
Patrick Wright28 June 19366 March 2020UKDiplomat
Deep state operative
British diplomat who was Head of HM Diplomatic Service from 1986 until 1991. He was on the Middle East: Political Fallout And Future Prospects panel at the 1991 Bilderberg, and then sat on the boards of deep state think tanks like the Ditchley Foundation and Chatham House.
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