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(academic, politician)
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Died2004 (Age 85)
Alma materIstanbul University
Turkish academic

Dr Ahmet Memduh Yaşa was a Turkish academic. He was Professor of Economics, founder of the think tank SİSAV, former Chairman of the Industrial Development Bank of Turkey and construction company Enka İnşaat.[1]


He went to primary and secondary school in Siirt and high school in Şişli Terakki and Haydarpaşa high schools in Istanbul. He completed his higher education at Istanbul University Faculty of Economics (1941).


Memduh Yaşa was an intellectual. He used to read foreign newspapers and watch what was happening in the world on foreign radio and TV channels. Apart from economy and finance, he was very interested in art and culture. He had expertise in calligraphy and the works of old Turkish painters.


In 1941 he started working as an assistant inspector at the Ministry of Customs and state monopolies. He became a doctor in 1946 with his thesis on vehicle taxes and in 1951 he became an associate professor with his thesis on State Debts.

He started to work at Istanbul University Faculty of Economics. Between 1952 and 1954, he did an internship at the departments of Economics and Finance at Paris University. When he returned to Turkey, he continued to work at the university. He went to the United States for a year in 1957, unknown under which program. In 1959, besides being a lecturer, he started to work as the financial advisor to the then Prime Minister Adnan Menderes. He became a professor in 1960 with his thesis "Amount and Structure Changes in Public Expenditures".

The military administration established after the military coup on May 27, 1960 expelled 147 faculty members from universities. Among those dismissed were Emin Bilgiç, Ali Fuat Başgil, Sabahattin Eyüboğlu, Yavuz Abadan, Nusret Hızır, Tarık Zafer Tunaya, Mina Urgan, Haldun Taner and Memduh Yaşa. With the law enacted in 1962, faculty members were given the right to return.

Memduh Yaşa had a colorful life outside of university. He was the former Chief Economics Advisor of Prime Minister Menderes, wrote on financial matters for the newspaper Hürriyet, was board member in Akbank,and Chairman of the Industrial Development Bank of Turkey.


He left his post in 1983 to embark on politics. He was elected as the Istanbul Deputy in 1983 and participated in the legislative work in the Turkish Grand National Assembly between 06.11.1983-28.11.1987. He founded the think tank Political and Social Research Foundation (SİSAV). He was its president for many years.


He died in Istanbul on July 21, 2014.


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