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Oliver North.jpg
Lt. Col. Oliver North is sworn in July 7, 1987, before the congressional committee investigating the Iran-contra affair.

In 1987 George H. W. Bush's Enterprise was winding down. Iran-Contra may have been a limited hangout intended as a coup to undseat Ronald Reagan[citation needed].


Full article: “Iran-Contra”

1987 marked the investigation of the Iran contra affair, which may have been a failed bid by George H. W. Bush to end Ronald Reagan's presidency.[1] It was however successful at keeping a lid on the emerging details about CIA drug trafficking and associated crimes of the enterprise. Oliver North was chosen as the fall guy.

A 1998 Washington Post short review of the case made no mention of either drugs or the name George H. W. Bush.[2]

Change of enemies

The Carlyle Group was set up, which was later to reap huge profits from the "war on terror" that would take the place of the USSR after the Soviet empire unravelled.



Operation Paperclip8 May 19451990A transfer of top German scientists to USA.
Cold War194726 September 1991The official narrative had 2 diametrically opposed systems locked in combat with one another since soon after WW2. Each of the "superpowers" and its team of allies needed to outdo each other by creating ever more and deadlier weapons, creating a kind of perpetual war for perpetual peace, with the warring parties engaging mainly in covert/proxy wars. Deep state interests blossomed in the climate of fear and paranoia.
The Troubles19661998The sectarian conflict in Northern Ireland which flared into serious sustained violence through the summer of 1969
Operation Condor19681989US-backed campaign of assassination and terrorisation carried out in South America.
Inslaw19701990Complex financial/political fraud the full dimensions of which were never uncovered, but some of which were forced onto the official record.
FBI/Activities 1971-200119712001FBI activities between the official end of COINTELPRO and 911
Project STARGATE19781995Project STARGATE aimed to gain domination over entire nations by making them cede their autonomy and privacy to the controlling person or group.
Bofors Affair19791988A collective name for two deals in which the Swedish arms manufacturer Bofors was involved in, including smuggling and bribes.
Operation Cyclone19791992The first time the CIA officially met Osama Bin Laden, they deemed him part of the hero movement to protect the world against Soviet influence. In Operation Cyclone, the CIA funded him and allowed entire cities to become death traps with the narrative of giving Soviets their own Vietnam.
1980s Afghan war24 December 197915 February 1989Another episode of the Soviet Union and US imploding a third world country from inside by fuelling a civil war with weapon smuggling. Afghanistan has yet to recover.
Arms-to-Iraq19801988A series of arms deals by UK companies during the Iran-Iraq War, when there was a UK government-endorsed UN embargo on such sales.
Iran-Iraq war22 September 198020 August 1988An war from 1980-1988, that was ended with a UN-brokered ceasefire.
Ronald Reagan/Presidency20 January 198120 January 1989The Ronald Reagan administration 1981-1989
The secret war against Sweden27 October 19811994A large number of "Soviet" submarine intrusions in Swedish waters in the 1980s, in reality committed by NATO under false flag. The intrusions were about deception and PSYOPs, to change the mindset of the Swedes, to make them adapt to US interests.
Contaminated blood affair19832003For several years in the 1980s France knowingly exported tainted blood, killing thousands.
McMartin PreschoolAugust 1983July 1990The day care scandal that started the so-called "satanic panic" of the 80s. Covered up.
Al-Yamamah arms dealSeptember 1985August 2006A complex series of multi billion dollar arms for oil deals set up under the government of Margaret Thatcher, involving a bunch of deep state arms dealers, and her son - who earned £12 million. Fines levied have been in the hundreds of millions, while kickbacks amount to billions.
Savings and loan fraud19861995"The largest theft in the history of the world", carried out in broad daylight, with legislative assistance. So many US politicians were directly or indirectly involved, that it was never properly exposed and efforts are ongoing to try to hide the fact that it was no mere accident.
BRISPEC sting operation19861988FBI California entrapment that didn't touch Willie Brown
Toyota War16 December 198611 September 1987
Bilderberg/198724 April 198726 April 198735th Bilderberg, in Italy, 106 participants
Killing of Don Henry and Kevin Ives23 August 198723 August 1987The murder of two kids who have witnessed criminal activity.
South African Airways Flight 29528 November 198728 November 1987
Colloquium on Intelligence Requirements for the 1990s4 December 19875 December 1987Spooky 1987 conference


New Groups

NovavaxNovavax logo.png
Sant'Anna School of Advanced StudiesLogo Sant'Anna.jpgSpecial-statute special-statute with deep state connections
Partners In HealthPartners in Health logo.pngUS health care NGO with deep state ties.
UK Special ForcesGroup.pngDirectorate
HamasImages.jpg"Terrorists" according to the West, largely founded, financed and brought to power by Israel, Hamas has led Palestine into becoming an enemy image to the western world since 2006.
Carlyle GroupThe Carlyle Group.svgCommercialA "private global investment firm" with around 1400 employees which has become the world's second largest private capital firm. Close connections to the deep state are suspected.
Military Professional Resources Inc.Military Professional Resources Logo.svg
Aum ShinrikyoGroup.pngCult with a lot of scientists involved.
StratesecGroup.pngCommercialA "security company" which did unspecified security work on the World Trade Center from 1993-2001 and which numbered Marvin Bush amongst its directors.
Article 19Group.png
United States House Select Committee to Investigate Covert Arms Transactions with IranGroup.pngConvened to create an official narrative about Iran-Contra.
Gilead SciencesGilead sciences.pnga pharma company with deep state connections
US/Army/Special ForcesGroup.pngMilitaryUnconventional warfare US Army forces, used in peacetime as well as in times of war. Including Gladio-like secret domestic army.
Carphone WarehouseCarphone Warehouse.jpg




TitleBornDiedPlace of deathCause of deathSummaryDescription
Arthur Dean18971987Lawyer
Deep state operative
Chairman and senior partner of Sullivan & Cromwell, where he worked closely with John Foster Dulles
William Skardon19041987SpookMI5 counterintelligence expert who failed to catch Philby and many others
Norman Dodd29 June 18991 January 1987Bank manager and congressional investigator who exposed how tax-exempt foundations were subverting the United States Government by other than constitutional means. He then proceeded to show that this applied to the Ford Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, and Carnegie Endowment.
Henrik Beer19151987GenevaBureaucracySecretary General of the International Red Cross. Attended the 1963 and 1964 Bilderbergs.
Jacques Georges-Picot16 December 19001987FinancierSingle Bilderberg French financier. Director of French multinational corporation Suez 1957-1971.
Duncan Gordon19141987Deep state operativeCanadian accountant and deep state operative, and brother of Walter L. Gordon.
John Beevor19051987SpookBritish SOE spook who prepared a stay behind network in Portugal during WW2. Father of British historian Anthony Beevor.
Carl-Fredrik Algernon9 October 192515 January 1987SoldierSwedish officer investigating weapons smuggling and corruption. Fell in front of a train.
Ove Rainer14 September 192527 January 1987Sweden
A member of Palme's government who resigned amid tax impropriety
A. Davidson Dunton4 July 19127 February 1987Ottawa
President of the CBC from 1945-57. Bilderberg 1966
Hugh Greene15 November 191019 February 1987Journalist
TV executive
Edward Lansdale6 February 190823 February 1987United States
H. John Heinz II10 July 190823 February 1987CancerBusinessperson34 Bilderberg meetings, Bilderberg Steering & Advisory Committees
Knut Frydenlund31 March 192726 February 1987Oslo's Fornebu AirportCerebral hemorrhage?DiplomatNorwegian foreign minister who attended 2 Bilderbergs in the early 1980s. Handpicked by spook Trond Johansen for the job.
John WileyMarch 1987GunshotPoliticianA South African politician whose death would later lead to VIPaedophile allegations.
Daniel Morgan3 November 194910 March 1987LondonHead injuryPrivate investigator
Santo Trafficante15 November 191417 March 1987United States
Walter Gordon27 January 190621 March 1987Ontario
Triple Bilderberger, President of the Canadian Privy Council
Clint Murchison Jr.12 September 192330 March 1987US
BusinesspersonUS deep state connected businessman
Hubert Ansiaux24 November 19089 April 1987Belgium
Central banker
Belgian nobility
Double Bilderberger who was Governor of the National Bank of Belgium for 14 years. Involved in setting up the International Monetary Fund.
Cecil King20 February 190117 April 1987Dublin
Media executive
Maxwell Taylor26 August 190119 April 1987Washington DC
Maurice Gibson1 May 191325 April 1987JudgeJudge killed by the IRA.
John Silkin18 March 192326 April 1987London
United Kingdom
Thomas Trenchard192329 April 1987Businessperson
William Casey13 March 19136 May 1987New York
Roslyn Harbor
Ronald Reagan's campaign manager, who was appointed Director of Central Intelligence.
Kurt Becker31 March 192010 May 1987Germany
EditorGerman editor-in-chief and government spokesman. Attended Bilderberg/1967 and Bilderberg/1975. Member of Atlantik-Brücke.
James Jesus Angleton9 December 191712 May 1987Washington's Sibley Memorial HospitalSpook
Deep politician
"The dominant counterintelligence figure in the non-communist world", according to Richard Helms, DCI.
Elizabeth Zarubina1 January 190014 May 1987Spook
Huntington D. Sheldon14 February 190319 May 1987Virginia
As Director of the Office of Current Intelligence, Sheldon briefed three Presidents with the became the President's Daily Brief
Frank Darvall16 April 190621 May 1987Author
Trade unionist
UK labour leader who attended 3 Bilderbergs in the 1950s
Léon Lambert2 July 192826 May 1987Brussels
Erasmus Hospital
Belgian nobility
Banking heir and Bilderberg Steering Committee member and financier who suddenly died aged 58
Arthur Sackler22 August 191326 May 1987New York
United States
Art collector
Big Pharma executive
"No single individual did more to shape the character of medical advertising than the multi-talented Dr. Arthur Sackler. His seminal contribution was bringing the full power of advertising and promotion to pharmaceutical marketing."
Arthur F. Burns27 August 190426 June 1987United States
J. Rives Childs6 February 189315 July 1987DiplomatAmerican diplomat who criticized the "immensely powerful Zionist lobby in the United States" in a 1977 speech.
James Burnham22 November 190528 July 1987United States
"The first neoconservative", spooky propagandist philosopher
Nobusuke Kishi13 November 18967 August 1987Japan
War criminal
Deep state operative
Leon Keyserling11 January 19089 August 1987United States
Washington DC
Cees de Galan2 May 19329 August 1987Netherlands
Dutch economist who assisted Victor Halberstadt mediating the "1981 cabinet crisis". Member of the 1971 shadow-cabinet full of deep politicians, spooks and even one accused paedophile.
Rudolf Heß26 April 189417 August 1987Germany
Deputy Führer to Adolf Hitler until 1941, when he flew solo to Scotland in an attempt to negotiate peace with the United Kingdom during World War II. The circumstances around his flight are still highly unclear.
Bayard Rustin17 March 191224 August 1987New York
ActivistQuaker activist who spoke at the JCIT on "Democracy and Terrorism"
Heribert Apfalter22 September 192526 August 1987Austria
Heart attackBusinessperson
Iran-Contra/Premature death
Austrian businessman who attended the 1979 Bilderberg. Sold weapons to Iran and Iraq. His sudden death in 1987 was surrounded by rumors of foul play.
Hans Tofte191128 August 1987US
Washington DC
SpookDanish born OSS and CIA irregular warfare and psychological operations expert, worked mostly in Asia.
William Haley24 May 19016 September 1987JerseyEditor
Director-General of the BBC
Christopher Soames12 October 192016 September 1987United Kingdom
PoliticianUK politician who attended the 1981 and 1982 Bilderberg
Einar Gerhardsen10 May 189719 September 1987Norway
Sven Andersson5 April 191021 September 1987StockholmPolitician
Deep state actor
Swedish Social Democrat politician and deep state actor
Henry Ford II4 September 191729 September 1987US
BusinesspersonGrandson of Henry Ford. Ford CEO after WW2. Hotchkiss School, Yale University, Book And Snake.
Clare Boothe Luce10 March 19039 October 1987Washington DCAuthor
Knut Getz Wold3 August 19159 October 1987Economist
Central banker
Central Bank Governor of Norway 1970-85 who attended the 1979 Bilderberg
... further results



TitleBornPlace of birthDiedSummaryDescription
Annika Smethurst1987Journalist
Sarah Everard1987March 2021British woman who was murdered.
Noor Bin Laden1987ActivistAn activist.
Maram Susli1987Syria
JournalistSyrian girl.
Kaila Murnain1987PoliticianAustralian politician picked as a YGL 2018. In 2019 resigned in disgrace after revelations of party donations from a Chinese billionaire.
Jeff Thomas1987US8 March 2023Modelsudden death
Olena Semenyaka1987PoliticianDescribed as the "first lady" of Ukrainian nationalism, her international networking with Neo-fascist groups make her a formidable power behind the throne in Ukraine
Rosie Mitchell1987Politician
Union organizer
Matt Tait1987Spooky academic
Raheem ShapiMarch 1987JournalistInstitute for Statecraft IT guy
Polina Gagarina27 March 1987Russia
Jamelle Bouie12 April 1987JournalistUS journalist who has written extensively on racial politics.
Novak Djokovic22 May 1987Serbia
AthleteThe world's #1 tennis player who spoke out about the COVID-19 Vaccine. An effort to smear him was foiled when the model concerned blew the whistle, stating that she was offered 60,000 euros to seduce him.
James Schneider17 June 1987Activist
Deep state functionary
Political organiser who took over leadership of pro-Corbyn campaign in 2015. Friends with intelligence connections.
Karina Gould28 June 1987PoliticianYoung minister with the spooky job of stopping "online meddling and the spread of disinformation", then International Development. World Economic Forum Young Global Leader 2020.
Laura Pidcock19 August 1987Politician
George Papadopoulos19 August 1987United States
Special Adviser
A foreign policy advisor to Donald Trump.
Charles Walker11 September 1987United Kingdom
PoliticianTory MP. Opposes vaccine passports.
Ryan WainNovember 1987PoliticianFuture Labour Party candidate
Xavier Duportet7 December 1987ScientistGenome architect and founder of Eligo Biotech
James Holmes13 December 1987California
San Diego
The "Batman shooter"
Chelsea Manning17 December 1987United States
Andreas Lubitz18 December 1987Neuburg an der Donau24 March 2015Pilot27 year old pilot who was blamed for the crash of Germanwings Flight 9525
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