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(Actor, Special effects specialist, Activist, Journalist)
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Born29 August 1952
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
ResidenceHawaii,  USA
Founder ofWhat Really Happened
Interests • Vincent Foster
• Bill Clinton
• Hillary Clinton
• False flags

Michael Rivero was born and raised in New England farming country.

“Once a government resorts to terror against its own population to get what it wants, it must keep using terror against its own population to get what it wants. A government that terrorizes its own people can never stop. If such a government ever lets the fear subside and rational thought return to the populace, that government is finished.”
Michael Rivero [1]


From public bio:

Originally a child actor, Michael left film work after High School to follow a career in science, working for NASA on the Viking and Voyager projects, among others. Following the post-Apollo crash of the aerospace industry, Michael went back into film work arriving at the exact time Hollywood was beginning to employ more computers for visual effects; a classic case of being in the right place art the right time, with the right skills. Having paid for college as a professional stage magician, Michael brings an awareness of how an audience perceives what they see to his designs for visual effects. Michael lives in Hawaii with his wife Claire, a composer, where together they own a commercial production company specializing in music, Visual FX and supervision, commercial direction, industrial films, and computer animation.[2]

His career ended when he was overheard during lunch that he does not buy the official story of the death of Vince Foster and used his experience in television production to explain why he thinks the leaked picture of the dead body is fake.[3]

He then created the website What Really Happened.

Clinton body count

His work on the death of Vincent Foster,[4] which is one of many in the so called Clinton body count,[5][6] has been recognized by CNN.[7]


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