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(Lawyer, Politician, Spook, Deep politician)
Bill Clinton-smaller.jpg
BornWilliam Jefferson Blythe III
Hope, Arkansas, United States
Alma materGeorgetown University, University College (Oxford), Yale Law School
Parents • William Jefferson Blythe Jr.
• Virginia Clinton Kelley
ChildrenChelsea Clinton
SpouseHillary Rodham Clinton
Founder ofClinton Foundation, Clinton Global Initiative
Member ofAtlantic Council/Distinguished Leadership Awards, Blavatnik School of Government/Staff and Advisory Council, Clinton Foundation, Club de Madrid, Council on Foreign Relations/Members, French-American Foundation/Young Leaders/1984, Lolita Express/Passengers, Phi Beta Kappa, Rhodes Scholar/1968, Transition Integrity Project, Trilateral Commission
Interest ofAnthony Bourdain, Ron Burkle, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, Maria Farmer, John Huang, Mary Mahoney, Michael Rivero, Jackson Stephens, Victor Thorn
PartyDemocratic Party
RelativesRoger Clinton Jr.
SubpageBill Clinton/Presidency
US deep politician, husband of Hillary Clinton, “every bit as corrupt as Nixon, but a lot smoother”

Employment.png US President

In office
January 20, 1993 - January 20, 2001
EmployerUS Government
DeputyAl Gore, Frank Lavin, Deborah Orida
Preceded byGeorge H. W. Bush
Succeeded byGeorge W. Bush
Senior member of the US deep state. Impeached for purjury.

Employment.png Chair of the National Governors Association

In office
August 26, 1986 - July 28, 1987

Employment.png Governor of Arkansas Wikipedia-icon.png

In office
January 11, 1983 - December 12, 1992

Employment.png Governor of Arkansas Wikipedia-icon.png

In office
January 9, 1979 - January 19, 1981

Employment.png Attorney General of Arkansas

In office
January 3, 1977 - January 9, 1979

Bill Clinton is a US politician and member of the US deep state. He was Governor of Arkansas for most of the 1980s, when Mena, Arkansas was a major CIA drugs transshipment point. After attending the 1991 Bilderberg he was made US president. Jeffrey Epstein paid at least 17 visits to him between 1993-1995.[1] Hunter S. Thompson summed him up as “every bit as corrupt as Nixon, but a lot smoother.”[2]



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Bill Clinton/Presidency5,320The Bill Clinton administration


Clinton attended the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University, graduating in the class of 1968 alongside future Director of Saudi Intelligence Agency, Prince Turki bin Faisal.[3] He studied at Yale University, and some claimed him to be a member of Skull and Bones, documentation on this point is lacking.[4]. He received a Rhodes Scholarship to study at University College, Oxford. He married Hillary Clinton in 1975.

CIA contact

Mark Gorton claims that while at Oxford, Bill Clinton was recruited as a CIA asset by CIA London station chief Cord Meyer.[5] He is unflattering in his assessment of Clinton's rise to national prominence:

Clinton’s rise to prominence within Arkansas politics was financed by a network of Arkansas organized crime figures prominent in the illegal gambling and drug money laundering businesses. Many members of Clinton’s inner circle were involved in the money laundering and drug running businesses, and Clinton was easily drawn into supporting and protecting the illegal CIA sponsored drug and gun running based in Arkansas. By participating in these criminal acts, Clinton earned his right to join the Cabal, and he was rewarded by having the Bush Syndicate use their influence to promote him on the national stage. The Cabal transcends any political party. The Cabal is always looking to penetrate and control both political parties. So during the 1992 presidential elections, the Cabal could not lose. Cabal leader George H. W. Bush had the Republican nomination, and compromised, junior Cabal member Clinton was the Democratic candidate.[5]

Arkansas governor

After graduating from law school, Clinton returned to Arkansas and won election as state attorney general, followed by two non-consecutive terms as Arkansas governor.

Terry Reed's testimony personally involves Bill Clinton in Iran-Contra. Clinton was governor of Arkansas at the time that Barry Seal was involved in The Enterprise's drug running into Mena, Arkansas.[6] Both Bill and Hillary were Young Leaders of the French American Foundation.

Clinton Body Count

Full article: Clinton Body Count

The first known victim in the Clinton body count was in 1977, when he was Attorney General of Arkansas.

Cabal allegation

In 1993, Harry Miller, a Vietnam War veteran, sued Bill Clinton, together with Larry Silverstein, Richard Nixon, Ross Perot and Colin Powell, alleging that they had perpetrated acts including serial murder for 25 years, since the war in Vietnam, as part of a conspiracy to distribute heroin. In January 1994, a New York court threw out the suit; an appeal by Miller was later rejected. The suit was not reported by the commercially-controlled media at the time.[7]

Later Activities

Bill Clinton "found himself, post-presidency, navigating the murky world of international businessmen seeking to buy his imprimatur".[8]

The Clinton Foundation was a major deep state entity tying together sex trafficking, political and personal corruption, and other deep state activities.

CBS News reported in 2015 that Bill Clinton charges around $500,000 for a speech, and that together with his wife, he had earns about $2 million/month from professional speaking.[9] Bill Clinton was paid more than $100 million from 2001 through 2012 for delivering speeches.[10]

Israel sexual blackmail

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu used sexual blackmail as part of the campaign to release Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard. During talks in 1998, Netanyahu told Clinton that they’d overheard him and Monica Lewinsky and had it on tape. "Clinton was told that the Israeli government had thrown the tapes away. But the very mention of them was enough to constitute a form of blackmail," author Daniel Halper wrote, adding that "according to information provided by a CIA source, a stricken Clinton appeared to buckle." Halper claims that Clinton brought the request before CIA director George Tenet. Tenet, however, threatened to resign his position if Pollard was released, and Clinton backpedalled on the idea.[11]

In 1999, UK author Gordon Thomas claimed that Mossad had collected some 30 hours' worth of phone sex conversations between Lewinsky and Clinton and was using them to blackmail the US or to protect a deeply-embedded mole in the White House. A 2000 article by the magazine Insight claimed that Israel had "penetrated four White House telephone lines and was able to relay real-time conversations on those lines from a remote site outside the White House directly to Israel for listening and recording.".[11]


A Quote by Bill Clinton

2022The New York Post: Any comments on the alleged allegation of your connection with Jeffrey Epstein?
Bill Clinton: I think the evidence is clear.”
2022New York Post


Appointments by Bill Clinton

Elizabeth Frawley BagleyUS/Ambassador/Portugal21 September 19943 October 1997
Douglas BennetUS/Assistant Secretary of State for International Organizations19931995
Zachary CarterUnited States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York19931999
Tom DonilonAssistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs1 April 19937 November 1996
Philip GordonDirector for European Affairs19981999
Morton HalperinUS/Director of Policy Planning16 September 199820 January 2001
Anthony HarringtonUS/Ambassador/Brazil8 February 200028 February 2001
Anthony HarringtonPIAB/Intelligence Oversight Board/Chair26 May 19948 February 2000
Jane HenneyCommissioner of Food and Drugs17 January 199919 January 2001After leaving the FDA she joined the AstraZeneca board of directors
Martin IndykAssistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern and South Asian Affairs14 October 199716 November 1999
Martin IndykUS/Ambassador/Israel10 April 199527 September 1997
Martin IndykUS/Ambassador/Israel25 January 200013 July 2001
John KornblumUS/Ambassador/Germany10 September 199716 January 2001
W. Michael McCabeEPA/Deputy administrator200031 January 2001
Ernest MonizUnder Secretary of Energy for Energy and Environment29 October 199720 January 2001
Frank NewmanUS/Deputy Secretary of the Treasury19941995
Frank NewmanUnder Secretary of the Treasury for Domestic Finance19931994
Robert ReichUS/Secretary of Labor20 January 199320 January 1997
Steve RicchettiWhite House Deputy Chief of StaffNovember 1998January 2001
Bill RichardsonUnited States Ambassador/United Nations18 February 199718 August 1998
Bill RichardsonUS/Secretary/Energy18 August 199820 January 2001
Nora SlatkinAssistant Secretary of the Navy (Research, Development and Acquisitions)22 October 199316 May 1995


Related Quotations

Madeleine Albright“President Clinton and I first met Putin before that

when he was kind of acting president at, this was an APEC meeting in New Zealand, and at that stage Putin was trying to be very ingratiating and trying to make new friends - he was still cold - and the issue about him is he is very smart and in these meetings.

He did not have talking points and he took notes himself. He also is somebody I have to describe this because, they actually did kind of a jazz concert for President Clinton and President Clinton's driving around and Putin was sitting there like rhythm whatsoever.. and and (sic), but the thing that is interesting is how smart he really is and directed he was.

The thing that I speak to more is something that happened before, that in 91 when the Soviet Union had fallen apart I was running a think-tank and I was asked to participate in a big survey of all of Europe after the end of the Cold War, and we had questionnaires and focus groups and things like that, and the focus group I'll never forget, is one outside of Moscow where this man stands up and says "I'm so embarrassed we used to be a superpower and now we're Bangladesh with missiles". And what I think happened I write it not so easy not so difficult to really deduce this, is Putin identified himself with that person who felt that the dignity and the grandeur of Russia had been lost and he has is bound and

determined to restore that in every single way.”
Madeleine Albright2018
Anthony Bourdain“Bill Clinton, look, the bimbo eruptions—it was fucking monstrous. That would not have flown today. A piece of shit. Entitled, rapey, gropey, grabby, disgusting, and the way that he—and she—destroyed these women and the way that everyone went along, and, and are blind to this! Screamingly apparent hypocrisy and venality. How you can on the one hand howl at the moon about all these other predators. And not at least look back. OK, let's say, well, it was all consensual: powerful men, starstruck women, okay fine, let's accept it at its most charitable interpretation. Fine. He is a very charming man, I met him, he's fucking magnetic. As is (Hillary). When you're in the room, you think wow, she's really warm and nice and funny. But the way they efficiently dismantled, destroyed, and shamelessly discredited these women for speaking their truth.”Anthony Bourdain
Deep state recruitment network<nowiki>“In 1968, while at Oxford, ambitious, young Bill Clinton [[[Rhodes Scholar 1968]]] was recruited as a CIA asset by CIA London station chief Cord Meyer. Cord Meyer was a very significant figure in the Coup of ’63 when he ran the media cover-up, propaganda side of the coup. The Cabal was always looking to groom a next generation of members, and from the point of view of the CIA/Cabal, Clinton must have made an ideal target. He was smart, charismatic, ambitious, and he couldn’t keep his dick in his pants. That combination of traits made him very controllable.”</nowiki>Mark Gorton
Klaus Eberwein“The Clinton Foundation, they are criminals, they are thieves, they are liars, they are a disgrace,” Eberwein said at a protest outside the Clinton Foundation headquarters in Manhattan”Klaus Eberwein2016


Events Participated in

Bilderberg/19916 June 19919 June 1991Germany
Steigenberger Hotel Badischer Hof
The 39th Bilderberg, 114 guests
WEF/Annual Meeting/200421 January 200425 January 2004World Economic Forum
2068 billionaires, CEOs and their politicians and "civil society" leaders met under the slogan Partnering for Prosperity and Security. "We have the people who matter," said World Economic Forum Co-Chief Executive Officer José María Figueres.
WEF/Annual Meeting/200625 January 200629 January 2006World Economic Forum
Both former US president Bill Clinton and Bill Gates pushed for public-private partnerships. Only a few of the over 2000 participants are known.
WEF/Annual Meeting/200923 January 200927 January 2009World Economic Forum
Chairman Klaus Schwab outlined five objectives driving the Forum’s efforts to shape the global agenda, including letting the banks that caused the 2008 economic crisis keep writing the rules, the climate change agenda, over-national government structures, taking control over businesses with the stakeholder agenda, and a "new charter for the global economic order".


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