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A variety of lists showing a large number of persons who have met their demise in suspicious circumstances, often execution-style, who appear to have some connection to the Clintons.

The Clinton body count, also known as Clinton body bags is a list of a large number of persons who over the years have met an untimely end in suspicious circumstances, often execution-style, and who appear to have some connection to Bill and Hillary Clinton.[1]

Official Narrative

"Clinton Body Count" — How Bill and Hillary's enemies, friends, and business partners disappeared - АТН

"The Clinton body count is a disproven conspiracy theory that asserts the notion that former U.S. President Bill Clinton and his wife, former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, have secretly had their political opponents murdered, totaling as many as 50 or more".[2] "The Congressional Record (1994) condemns the list. While citing an article in U.S. News & World Report (August 8, 1994) by Greg Ferguson and David Bowermaster: "Whatever it is, Bill Clinton Likely Did It," it was determined that the original list, titled "Clinton Body Count: Coincidence or the Kiss of Death?," was compiled by lawyer and activist Linda Thompson. The report concluded "Thompson admits she has 'no direct evidence' of Clinton killing anyone. Indeed, she says the deaths were probably caused by 'people trying to control the president' but refuses to say who they were"[3].

Infographic created by Mike Rivero on What Really Happened.[4]


There are several versions of the list, and some of the names are more tenuously connected to the Clintons than others, including several accidents that are of debatable relevance. Many deaths, on the other hand, are clearly linked.[5] The names go back to Clinton's Arkansas governor years, where Bill ran an administration with deep links to drug smuggling (in Mena), organized crime (the 'Dixie mafia) and heavy corruption.


The subject is being censored. An April 2021 search on DuckDuckGo for Clinton body count gave no links to the actual list, but an endless list of articles debunking the story.


RationalWiki notes that Larry Nichols and Pat Matrisciana in their documentaries: "Bill and Hillary Clinton's Circle of Power"[6] and "The Clinton Chronicles",[7] made the first mention of the Clinton body count.[8] Conservapedia mentions that the discussion started with the "1987 Ives/Henry double homicide case (known as Murder on the Tracks) and the subsequent violent deaths of seven witnesses or suspects in the investigation."[9]



Page nameDescription
1996 Croatia USAF CT-43 crashPlane crash that killed 35, including US Commerce Secretary, Ron Brown. At least one associate of the Clintons, Johnny Chung, did not understand this to be a simple accident, and became afraid for his life.
John AsheFormer Chairman of the UN GA who died a conveniently timed and unusual death before he was due to testify in court.
Steve BingClinton connected billionaire businessman who fell to his death in 2020.
Anthony BourdainCelebrity chef that was found dead after he became more vocal in the Me Too movement.
Ron BrownRon Brown was the United States Secretary of Commerce, serving during the first term of President Bill Clinton. He died in a plane crash along with 34 others. 3 months later, Mohammed Ferrat, a business partner, reportedly died aboard TWA 800.
Klaus EberweinA Haitian government official and businessman who was found dead with gunshot in head, a week before he was due to testify before the Haitian Senate’s Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission.
Kathy FergusonCo-defendant in the Paula Jones law suit against Bill Clinton. Died violently.
Vince FosterA deputy White House Counsel and Clinton confidante who died unexpectedly.
John Glasgow
Killing of Don Henry and Kevin IvesThe murder of two kids who have witnessed criminal activity.
Thomas H. LeeUS businessman friend of Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton. Gunshot to the head.
Dean LorichA US doctor who expressed dissatisfaction about the Clinton Foundation, found dead in with a knife in his chest, declared a suicide
Mary MahoneyWhite House intern murdered randomly just as she was to go public with her story of sexual harassment in the Clinton White House
Jim McDougalA witness to the Whitewater affair who reportedly died of a heart attack while in prison in Texas.
Mark MiddletonSpecial assistant to US President Bill Clinton in the 1990s, where he admitted Jeffrey Epstein to the White House on multiple occasions. Shot dead like other former Epstein friends in 2022.
Ron MillerOklahoma businessman who died under suspicious circumstances, possibly with anthrax, after getting tangled with the Clinton family.
Seth RichA Washington DC staffer who was murdered for unclear reasons, and whom Julian Assange hinted may have been a source for Wikileaks. The FBI claimed for 4 years they had no data on him, later admitting that they had thousands of pages of documents and his laptop.
Tim RussertUS corporate journalist who made 2008 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton stumble. Died same year of heart attack, age 58.
Ed SchultzTelevision host for Russia Today who died prematurely, age 64, at a time of immense pressure on the channel.
Barry SealAn ace pilot and drug smuggler for the US deep state who knew too much.
Christopher SignJournalist who broke story of Bill Clinton meeting Loretta Lynch in June 2016; died in June 2021. Declared suicide.
Linda ThompsonAn early compiler of the Clinton body count who herself died suddenly, reportedly of a drug overdose
Victor ThornA journalist and reporter who wrote many books on deep politics, including two on involvement of the Mossad and zionists in the events of 9-11. Died of a shot to the head in 2016.
Paul Tully“Dear friend and trusted advisor” of Bill Clinton, "Top democratic strategist" unexpectedly found dead at 48.
Barbara WiseAssociate of John Huang who was found bruised and partially nude in a locked office at Commerce. "No obvious signs of foul play". Cause of death unknown.
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