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Place.png Munich
LocationsBavaria, Germany

Munich is the capital of the southernmost German province, Bavaria.



1972 Munich massacreA famous attack on Israeli athletes at the 1972 Olympics.
2016 Munich shootingA shooting spree supposedly carried out by an 18 year old, for as yet unexplained purposes.
A Spreading PlagueTabletop simulation of a global biological warfare attack predicting an apocalyptic outcome. Included several senior pandemic planners. Held February 2019.
Munich Security Conference/2010An anti-war demonstration outside described it as "Nothing more than a media-effectively staged war propaganda event, which this year had the purpose of justifying the NATO troop increase in Afghanistan and glorifying the continuation of the war as a contribution to peace and stability."
Munich Security Conference/2011The 47th Munich Security Conference
Munich Security Conference/2012
Munich Security Conference/2013The 49th Munich Security Conference
Munich Security Conference/2014The 50th Munich Security Conference
Munich Security Conference/2015"400 high-ranking decision-makers in international politics, including some 20 heads of state and government as well as more than 60 foreign and defence ministers, met in Munich to discuss current crises and conflicts."
Munich Security Conference/2016The 52nd Munich Security Conference
Munich Security Conference/2017
Munich Security Conference/2018The 54th Munich Security Conference
Munich Security Conference/2019The 55th Munich Security Conference, which included "A Spreading Plague" aimed at "identifying gaps and making recommendations to improve the global system for responding to deliberate, high consequence biological events."
Munich Security Conference/2020The 56th Munich Security Conference, in 2020, "welcomed an unprecedented number of high-ranking international decision-makers."
Munich Security Conference/2021
Munich Security Conference/2022
Munich Security Conference/2023Annual conference of mid-level functionaries from the military-industrial complex - politicians, propagandists and lobbyists. The real decisions are made by deep politicians behind the scenes, elsewhere.
Munich Security Conference/2024Annual conference of mid-level functionaries from the military-industrial complex - politicians, propagandists and lobbyists - in their own bubble, far from the concerns of their subjects
Oktoberfest BombingA bomb in Munich attributed to a "lone nut" neo-nazi, Gundolf Köhler.
Preventing Global Catastrophic Biological RisksSimulation of a global influenza pandemic predicting an apocalyptic outcome. Held February 2020, with a who-is-who of pandemic planners. Held February 2020.


Groups Headquartered Here

BMW Foundation1970German foundation financed by the family that owns auto manufacturer BMW.
Bavaria/COVID-19 Economic Advisory CouncilApril 2020Contained multiple members with Bilderberger/WEF connections
Christian Social Union1945The largest political party in Bavaria.
Hanns Seidel FoundationNovember 1966An important group in international parapolitical manipulation, active in Latin America, Fiji and other places.
Siemens1 October 1847
Technical University of Munich1868Public research university in Munich.
University of Munich1472 JLOne of Germany's most important universities


Job here

Fritz ErmarthSoviet affairs analyst19651968
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