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Group.png University of Munich  
Sigillum Universitatis Ludovico-Maximilianeae.png
HeadquartersMunich, Bavaria, Germany
One of Germany's most important universities

Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich is a public research university located in Munich, Germany.

LMU is currently the second-largest university in Germany in terms of student population; in the winter semester of 2018/2019, the university had a total of 51,606 matriculated students. Of these, 9,424 were freshmen while international students totalled 8,875 or approximately 17% of the student population. As for operating budget, the university records in 2018 a total of 734,9 million euros in funding without the university hospital; with the university hospital, the university has a total funding amounting to approximately 1.94 billion euros.[1]

The University of Munich is associated with 43 Nobel laureates (as of October 2020). Pope Benedict XVI was also a student and professor at the university. Among its notable alumni, faculty and researchers are inter alia Rudolf Peierls, Josef Mengele, Richard Strauss, Walter Benjamin, Joseph Campbell, Marie Stopes, Bertolt Brecht, Max Horkheimer, Karl Loewenstein, Carl Schmitt, Walter Hallstein, Ernst Cassirer, Franz Josef Strauß, Konrad Adenauer.


Employee on Wikispooks

Michael MeyenProfessor of Systematic Communication Science2002University management dobbed him in to domestic intelligence service in attempt to fire him


Alumni on Wikispooks

Valdas Adamkus3 November 1926LithuaniaPoliticianUS exile community Lithuanian 'parachuted' in to run country
Konrad Adenauer5 January 187619 April 1967GermanPoliticianGerman (deep?) politician, CDU leader
Dora Bakoyannis6 May 1954GreecePoliticianDouble Bilderberg Greek politician
Martin Bangemann15 November 1934GermanPoliticianAttended the 1986 Bilderberg as West German Minister of Economics
Theodor Benzinger23 August 190526 October 1999US
Kurt Biedenkopf28 January 193012 August 2021GermanPoliticianWest German politician "parachuted" into the former East Germany to lead the state of Saxony.
Tassilo Broesigke8 June 19199 September 2003AustriaPolitician
Made Austrian Court of Audit/President the year after attending the 1979 Bilderberg
Guido Brunner27 May 19302 December 1997Spain
PoliticianAttended the 1980 Bilderberg as European Commissioner for Energy Research and Science
Carl Burckhardt10 September 18913 March 1974SwitzerlandDiplomat
President of the International Committee of the Red Cross (1945–48), where he assisted Germans wanted for war crimes escape to South America. September 1955 and 1956 Bilderberg meetings.
Klaus von Dohnányi23 June 1928GermanPoliticianAttended two Bilderbergs in the 1970s. Mayor of Hamburg in the 1980s.
Karen DonfriedUSSpookUS spook, German Marshall Fund President 2014-2021
Otmar Emminger2 March 19113 August 1986GermanEconomist
Central banker
German economist. President of the German Bundesbank in the late 1970s
Ernst Falkenheim8 May 189816 December 1982GermanGerman oil executive. Until 1962 member of the presidency of the Federation of German Industries.
Franz Froschmaier29 July 19308 January 2013GermanPolitician
German lawyer/politician
Richard Gutjahr1973GermanJournalistA spookily prescient journalist who just happened to be situated twice in two weeks to shoot video of "terrorist" attacks.
Walter Hallstein17 November 190129 March 1982GermanDiplomat
Deep state operative
Taken prisoner by the Americans in June 1944, where he was selected for special training as part of "Project Sunflower", a reeducation plan for possible future decision-makers. Became one of the founding fathers of the European Union. Multi-Bilderberg
Hans Harder23 March 190125 April 1969GermanLawyerHamburg liberal politician
Franz Heubl19 March 192421 December 2001GermanPoliticianGerman politician who attended le Cercle
Rudolf Heß26 April 189417 August 1987GermanDeputy Führer to Adolf Hitler until 1941, when he flew solo to Scotland in an attempt to negotiate peace with the United Kingdom during World War II. The circumstances around his flight are still highly unclear.
Hubertus HoffmannGermanSpook
German media executive. Member of the Integrity Initiative and the intelligence think-tank Henry Jackson Initiative.
Anton Hofreiter2 February 1970GermanPoliticianWarmongering German Green politician who attended the 2023 Bilderberg meeting. In open letter, begged US President Joe Biden to allow more weapons to Ukraine and NATO membership.
Richard Jaeger16 February 191315 May 1998GermanPoliticianGerman politician
Franz Krapf22 July 191123 October 2004GermanDiplomat
German spooky diplomat. SS Reich Security Main Office and Japan expert during WW2. After fixing a "clean bill of health" in denazification process, he became high-ranking West German diplomat, Permanent Representative to NATO and Ambassador to Japan. Attended the 1964 Bilderberg conference.
Renate Köcher17 July 1952GermanyResearcher
Opinion pollster with solid ties to the establishment. Admits to selectively not publishing poll results she did not like, to influence public opinion.
Werner Marx15 November 192412 July 1985GermanJournalist
Spooky German politician, Le Cercle, Psychological warfare specialist, later leader of the parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee
Albrecht Müller16 May 1938GermanJournalistFormer German Social Democrat politician, from 2003 editor of independent media NachDenkseiten
Bastian Obermayer10 December 1977GermanJournalist
Werner Rügemer4 September 1941GermanAuthor
Helmut Schlesinger4 September 1924Economist
Central banker
Christian Freiherr von Stauffenberg7 October 191128 November 2005GermanSpook
Thamina StollGermanDaughter of beleaguered (and celebrated) journalist Richard Gutjahr, who as well as her father, apparently independently, was positioned to shoot a video of people fleeing the 2016 Munich Shooting
Franz Josef Strauß6 September 19153 October 1988GermanPolitician
Deep politician
A deep politician and politician, a known attendee of Le Cercle, accused in connection with the Lockheed bribery scandals.
Jürgen Todenhöfer12 November 1940GermanAuthor
Akis Tsochatzopoulos31 July 193927 August 2021GreecePoliticianFormer Greek Minister for National Defense
Manfred Wörner24 September 193413 August 1994GermanPoliticianDeep state operative? Secretary General of NATO.
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