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Place.png North Carolina
(US State)
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North Carolina is a state of the USA.



Robin SageMilitary exercise


Groups Headquartered Here

Bank of America1956Second biggest bank in the US
Davidson College1837North Carolina college with 23 Rhodes Scholars.
Duke University/School of Law1930The law school and a constituent academic unit of Duke University, North Carolina
Elon University1889North Carolina private university
Joint Special Operations CommandPerforms special operations worldwide, including inside the United States itself, its soldiers operating like the CIA, often alongside them in covert status.
Queens University of Charlotte1857North Carolina university
US/Army/Special Forces9 April 1987Unconventional warfare US Army forces, used in peacetime as well as in times of war. Including Gladio-like secret domestic army.
University of North Carolina1789Commonly referred to as the UNC System to differentiate it from its flagship, UNC-Chapel Hill.
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill1795The University has conducted decades of research into gain-of-function of viruses at its BSL-3 biowarfare lab.
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