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Group.png University of North Carolina  
University of North Carolina system seal.png
HeadquartersNorth Carolina
TypePublic University system
Other nameJoined systemReferences
Commonly referred to as the UNC System to differentiate it from its flagship, UNC-Chapel Hill.

See also: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

The University of North Carolina is the multi-campus public university system for the state of North Carolina. Overseeing the state's 16 public universities and the NC School of Science and Mathematics, it is commonly referred to as the UNC System to differentiate it from its flagship, UNC-Chapel Hill.

The university system has a total enrollment of 244,507 students as of fall 2021.[1] UNC campuses conferred 62,930 degrees in 2020-2021, the bulk of which were at the bachelor's level, with 44,309 degrees awarded.[2]


Alumni on Wikispooks

Latoya AbbottUSBureaucracy
Head nurse
Event 201 participant; her innovative methods increased vaccine uptake in hospital workers
Judith Hippler Bello31 May 1949USBig pharma/LobbyistBig Pharma lobbyist who was one of the founding members of the Australian American Leadership Dialogue
Thurmond Chatham16 August 18963 January 1957USBusinessperson
Brad ConnettUSBig pharma/LobbyistLarge vaccine pharma company executive, Event 201 participant
John Edwards10 June 1953USPolitician
Democratic nominee for vice president in November 2004. Attended the June 2004 Bilderberg.
Stuart Eizenstat15 January 1943USDiplomat
Deep state operative
US lawyer/diplomat and possible deep state operative
C. Boyden Gray6 February 1943LawyerGeorge H. W. Bush's White House Counsel
Gordon Gray30 May 190926 November 1982USSpook
Anthony HarringtonDeep state functionary
Luther Hodges19 November 1936Politician
American politician and banker
H. R. McMaster24 July 1962USSoldier
Single Bilderberger US general
Mick Mulvaney21 July 1967US
Anne W. Patterson4 October 1949Diplomat
John Steelman23 June 190014 July 1999BureaucracyWhite House Chief of Staff for Harry S. Truman
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