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Date2011 - Present

Operation Want is the name coined for ongoing activities by an amorphous and Anonymous group of researchers, writers and artists seeking to shed light on the strange relationship between Sweden and the USA that has developed over the past decade or so, with particular reference to the case of Julian Assange and the coordinated smear campaign against Wikileaks. The name derives from the Sweden-related content of the vast collection of leaked US diplomatic cables published by WikiLeaks - a notable characteristic of many of the relevant cables being reducible to the general form: "The US Wants... - Sweden Wants...".

Confluence of events and circumstances

Operation Want is the result of a confluence of some odd events and circumstances which can be grouped under the following three headings:

  1. Wikileaks' publication of the US 'Embassy Stockholm' diplomatic cables juxtaposed with the peculiar manipulation of allegations against Julian Assange (unrelated to the cable leaks we are assured with the de-rigeur earnest straight faces of Authority) which are yet to produce any charges but nonetheless resulted the only Interpol Red Notice' [1] ever to have emanated from Sweden.[2]
  2. The power of the Wallenberg dynasty in Swedish politics and global banking and commerce together with their attempts to gain outright control of the NADAQ OMX. [3] [4] [5]
  3. The presence of Karl Rove (Former adviser and Deputy Chief of Staff to US President George W. Bush) in Sweden as an advisor to Swedish Prime Minister Frederik Reinfeldt since 2008.[6] [7]

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