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Group.png Quakers  
FounderGeorge Fox
Protestant denomination stressing pacifism. Their philanthropic efforts include a prominent role in the abolition of slavery, prison reform, and social justice.

Quakers are people who belong to a historically Protestant Christian set of denominations known formally as the Religious Society of Friends.[1]

Past Quakers were known to use thee as an ordinary pronoun, refuse to participate in war, wear plain dress, refuse to swear oaths, oppose slavery, and practise teetotalism.[2] Some Quakers founded banks and financial institutions, including Barclays, Lloyds, and Friends Provident; manufacturers including the footwear firm of C. & J. Clark and the big three British confectionery makers Cadbury, Rowntree and Fry; and philanthropic efforts, including abolition of slavery, prison reform, and social justice.[3] In 1947, Quakers represented by the British Friends Service Council and the American Friends Service Committee were awarded a Nobel Peace Prize.[4][5]

Given their long history of pacifist beliefs, it is surprising that one of the more famous Quakers is Richard Nixon.[6]


Adherents on Wikispooks

Whittaker Chambers1 April 19019 July 1961
Paul Douglas26 March 189224 September 1976US post-WW2 Senator. Liberal anti-communist and supporter of the Marshall Plan, the Truman Doctrine, and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.
Rush Holt15 October 1948Called for hearings into the DOJ and FBI's handling of the 2001 anthrax attacks investigation
Herbert Hoover10 August 187420 October 1964US President 1929-1933
Lyndon LaRouche8 September 192212 February 2019
Richard Nixon9 January 191322 April 1994A relatively independent US president who may have been removed from power because he was planning to expose the conspiracy to assassinate JFK.
Sean Parlaman30 October 195823 November 2002"The leading anti-pedophile activist of his generation"
Edward Pease18575 January 1955
Robert Pickus31 October 192322 January 2016Spooky "peace activist" who proposed that in "the current political climate, war is essential for justice to prevail".
Joseph Rowntree24 May 183624 February 1925English Quaker philanthropist and businessman known for being a champion of social reform. Founder of Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust.
Bayard Rustin17 March 191224 August 1987Quaker activist who spoke at the JCIT on "Democracy and Terrorism"
Catherine West14 September 1966UK Labour party politician
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