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Person.png Lyndon LaRouche  Rdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
BornSeptember 8, 1922
Rochester, New Hampshire, U.S.
DiedFebruary 12, 2019 (Age 96)
ChildrenDaniel LaRouche
SpouseHelga Zepp
Founder ofExecutive Intelligence Review
PartyDemocratic,  Labor,  Socialist Workers

Lyndon Hermyle LaRouche, Jr was an American economist and activist. He founded the LaRouche movement which publishes the Executive Intelligence Review since 1974.

Executive Intelligence Review

Full article: Executive Intelligence Review

Lydon LaRouche fpounded Executive Intelligence Review (EIR), which is still a useful source of reference due to its addressing third rail topics such as the JCIT.


On his death, Propornot commented "He's burning in hell with Robert Parry and Lord Haw-Haw".


Wikipedia does not hold back when compiling a biography, which might indicate he broached taboo subjects, with articles like "George Bush: Crack Kingpin of the 1980s"[1].

Wikipedia states he "was an American political activist, convicted fraudster, cult leader and founder of the LaRouche movement," which "engaged in conspiratorial beliefs and violent and/or illegal activities" and "created disinformation" Later in the 1980s, criminal investigations led to convictions of several LaRouche movement members, including LaRouche himself."

Another taboo subject was the "October Surprise" allegation, namely that in October 1980 Ronald Reagan's campaign staff conspired with the Iranian government during the Iran hostage crisis to delay the release of 52 American hostages held in Iran, with the aim of helping Reagan win the 1980 United States presidential election against Jimmy Carter. The Iranians had agreed to this, according to the theory, in exchange for future weapons sales from the Reagan administration.

The analysis was later confirmed by former Iranian President Abolhassan Banisadr[2] and other sources.


Related Quotation

PropOrNotLyndon Larouche was a marginally successful propagandist/Aol for Moscow, who built out a cult of easily-radicalized disaffecteds in complementary parallel to their more-traditional Communist movement-building. He's burning in hell with Robert Parry and Lord Haw-Haw ⛰”February 2019
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