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The Catholic Church, or Roman Catholic Church, is the largest Christian church, with approximately 1.3 billion baptised Catholics worldwide as of 2018. As the world's oldest and largest continuously functioning international institution, it has played a prominent role in the history and development of Western civilization. The pope, who is the Bishop of Rome is the chief pastor of the church. The church's administration, the Holy See, is in the Vatican City, a small enclave of Rome, of which the pope is head of state.

Ecclesiastical Megalomania

From the book Ecclesiastical Megalomania by John W. Robbins:[1][2]

Ayn Rand was right when she wrote in 1967: "The Catholic Church has never given up the hope to re-establish the medieval union of church and state, with a global state and a global theocracy as its ultimate goal ..."

Intelligence Service

While the papacy does not possess a formal intelligence service, it does field a highly competent and well connected diplomatic corps. In addition, the Church has an excellent network of informers, and receives other information through access to confessions. The Church has been active in many types of traditional intelligence works, including regime changes.

Full article: The Entity

Land ownership

"With more than 1 billion adherents, the Catholic Church is one of the largest, if not the largest, nongovernmental landowners in the world. One estimate puts the church’s holdings close to 177 million acres, or 277,000 square miles. If those properties were grouped together and placed on a list of the world’s countries by land area, it would fall within the top 50, higher than both France and Spain. (Plus, it is unclear whether or not the 177 million acre figure includes land owned by affiliated institutions, such as Catholic schools and hospitals, which number in the hundreds of thousands—if not millions—worldwide.)

No one knows exactly how much land the church owns because while the institution is centralized in terms of its doctrine, legally, it is quite diffuse. The Vatican doesn’t actually own church buildings in, say, Vermont or California. Decisions about acquisition or disposition are largely made at the diocesan level. (In the Catholic Church, a country like the U.S. is divided up into provinces, which are divided up into dioceses, which are made up of individual parishes, or churches.)"[3][4][5]

Catholic Church sexual abuse

The Catholic Church hierarchy has for centuries had a high tolerance for sexual abuse of minors (pederasty). The subject is fairly well covered in the corporate press and Wikipedia, but leaves out certain deep state aspects, for example that it leaves prelates open for sexual blackmail or connections to abuse networks outside the Church.


Walter Veith & Martin Smith on Pope Francis encyclical Fratelli Tutti


An example

Page nameDescription
Document:In eminentiFirst Papal Bull that deals with the condemnation of Freemasonry specifically.


Related Quotation

Paul Marcinkus“You can't run the Church on Hail Marys.”Paul Marcinkus1986


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