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(entrepreneur, millionaire, inventor)
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BornSamuel H. Altman
Chicago, Illinois
Alma materStanford University
Founder ofWorldcoin
Member ofWEF/Young Global Leaders/2016
Interests • universal basic income
• Artificial intelligence
Young visitor to the 2016 Bilderberg

Sam Altman is an American tech-millionaire. He is the CEO of OpenAI, a company specializing in Artificial intelligence.


“I’ve been very interested in things like universal basic income and what’s going to happen to global wealth redistribution and how we can do that better. Is there a way we can use technology to do that at global scale?”[1]

He is interested to collect biometric data, inviting people to let him scan their retina prints.[2]


Altman has received funding from Y Combinator and Sequoia Capital in the past.[3] He became a partner at Y Combinator in 2011, initially working there on a part-time basis. [4] In February 2014, Altman was named president of Y Combinator by its co-founder, Paul Graham.[5]

Personal life

He is gay and Jewish.


Events Participated in

Bilderberg/20169 June 201612 June 2016Germany
The 2016 Bilderberg meeting took place in Dresden, Germany.
Bilderberg/20222 June 20225 June 2022US
Washington DC
Mandarin Oriental Hotel
The 68th Bilderberg Meeting, held in Washington DC, after an unprecedented two year hiatus during which a lot of the Bilderberg regulars were busy managing COVID-19
Bilderberg/202318 May 202321 May 2023Portugal
Pestana Palace Hotel
The 69th Bilderberg Meeting, held in Lisbon, with 128 guests on the official list. The earliest in the year since 2009.
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