Samuel Rozemond

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(spook?, academic)
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Amsterdam, Netherlands
Alma materUniversity of Leiden
Member ofClingendael Institute
Spooky Dutch foreign policy expert who attended the 1973 Bilderberg and later worked for the Clingendael Institute

Employment.png Deptuy Director

Dates unknown
EmployerClingendael Institute
Attended Bilderberg/1973

Dr. Samuel 'Sam' Rozemond worked for the Clingendael Institute.[1] He attended the 1973 Bilderberg conference.


Sam Rozemond was born in Amsterdam in 1934. His father S. Rozemond had obtained his doctorate in law from the University of Amsterdam in 1930 on Kant and the League of Nations. In Leiden his father became director of the Municipal Service for Social Relief, and later director of the Municipal Social Affairs Service. After the Second World War he left the Christian Historical Union and joined the Labor Party.[2]


Sam Rozemond studied law at the University of Leiden.[2]


He became a policy officer at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1960 and obtained his doctorate in 1965. From 1984 to 1989, Rozemond – now deputy director of the Clingendael Institute – was the first professor by special appointment on behalf of the [Dutch Society for International Affairs]] (NGIZ) at Erasmus University Rotterdam, teaching international relations (in particular Dutch foreign policy). [2]

Rozemond was editor of the foreign affairs magazine Spectator, close to the Clingendael Institute, in 1974[2]. After being part of the general editorial board for some twenty years, Rozemond stepped down as a member in 1991.[3]

He attended a 1983 NATO defence minister summit in Canada.[4]


Event Participated in

Bilderberg/197311 May 197313 May 1973Sweden
The meeting at which the 1973 oil crisis appears to have been planned.